“You can absolutely do this. I know this and so do the many other people who love you, care about you, and are rooting for you to succeed : Taylor Swift


The Chiefs are officially going to the Super Bowl (!!!)—news so major that Taylor Swift booked it out of the stands and joined Travis Kelce on the field last night for a cute and very public moment. Like, to quote the immortal words of Faith Hill, “THIS KISS, THIS KISS”…


But on top of that kiss, that kiss, these two were spotted having a sweet conversation together from SEVERAL angles. First, we have Travis saying “How about that?” to Taylor while hugging and kissing her. THEN, we see the footballer turning back for a quick “What’s up sweetie” after chatting with his dad. Also, it looks like Taylor potentially says a quick “I love you” before the clip ends, but TBD.

Meanwhile, here’s another angle where Taylor says, “I’ve never seen anything like that in my life.”

And then the NFL rudely turned off audio in this one, but it looks like Taylor’s saying, “I can’t believe you did that.”

And finally, there’s this video of Taylor helping Travis find his brother Jason Kelce after the game and then moving out of the camera’s view so they could have their ~moment~:

Whelp. Nothing like going football field official!

As a reminder, Taylor’s about to head back on tour after a prolonged break (she plays a show in Tokyo on February 7), and she has a pretty packed schedule. Buuuut we did the math a while back and she’ll fully be able to make it to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl on February 11, so stay tuned for more of this vibe ^^^^ if the Chiefs win!