20 years of divorce, Patrick Mahomes overjoyed as Mom Randi finally re-marrying

20 years of divorce, Patrick Mahomes overjoyed as Mom Randi finally re-marrying


Patrick Mahomes’ parents, Pat Mahomes and Randi Martin, are his biggest cheerleaders.

“I knew when it came to sports, he was going to be able to reach whatever level he wanted,” Randi said during a January 2020 FOX4 interview.


The quarterback gets his athletic talent from his dad, Pat, who was an MLB pitcher in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Patrick’s parents were married from the late ’90s until their divorce in 2006. They’re the proud parents of Patrick and his younger brother, Jackson Mahomes, and the loving grandparents of Patrick’s children, Sterling Skye Mahomes and Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III.

So, who are Patrick Mahomes’ most devoted fans? Here’s everything to know about Pat Mahomes and Randi Martin.

Pat and Randi are from Texas
According to her website, Randi grew up in the small East Texas town of Troup. There, she attended the same local school from kindergarten all the way through high school. Randi notes in her bio that her “humble, tight-knit town and her parents made her the woman she is today” and that her siblings and parents still live together in her childhood home.


20 years of divorce, Patrick Mahomes overjoyed as Mom Randi finally re-marrying


Pat is originally from Lindale, Texas, and was a powerhouse athlete during his years at Lindale High School, per the Tyler Morning Telegraph. In the late 1980s, the former athlete was an all-state athlete in football, basketball and baseball. To this day, Pat still roots for the Lindale Eagles and keeps up with the team by reading the local newspaper.

Pat and Randi share two children and two grandchildren

Patrick is Pat and Randi’s first-born son. The former couple share another son, Jackson, who is well-known in his own right. With more than 1 million followers on TikTok and over 247,000 followers on Instagram, Jackson is a social media star. The content creator often posts videos of himself supporting his brother at games.

Pat and Randi are also the proud grandparents of two young kids. Patrick and his wife, Brittany Matthews Mahomes, welcomed their daughter, Sterling Skye, on Feb. 20, 2021, and their son, Patrick “Bronze” Lavon III, on Nov. 28, 2022.

The famed quarterback has two half-sisters as well: Zoe Mahomes, Pat’s daughter from a relationship following his split with Randi, and Mia Randall, who Randi also welcomed after their divorce.

In July 2023, Randi showed her love for her family in a group photo she posted on Instagram. In the snap, Randi smiled with her two sons, Brittany, Sterling, Bronze and Mia while the group supported Patrick at a golf event in Las Vegas. “Spending time with my family is priceless. God is great ❤️,” she wrote in the caption.

Pat is a former professional baseball player

Pat was an MLB pitcher from 1992 to 2003, and he played for the Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, Texas Rangers, Chicago Cubs and the Pittsburg Pirates. He also earned himself a spot in the Sioux Falls Canaries Hall of Fame.

These days, Pat is the host of The Big Mahomes Show, a weekly podcast that “pulls the curtain back on professional sports with coverage of all things sports,” according to the podcast’s Instagram page.

Randi is an event planner and runs a website

On Randi’s online platform, QB Producer: The Official Site of Randi Mahomes, she shares her life story and photos and videos of her family. Her site’s mission statement reads, “Set a positive example and make a difference in the lives of others by beginning each day with God in prayer and thanksgiving so that Jesus’ light may shine through me.”

Randi also offers custom cameos and branded products via QB Producer, including totes, clutches, sunglass cases, passport books and a line dedicated to “everything Game Day.”

In addition to her website, Randi has worked as an event planner at Hollytree Country Club since 2005, and she is involved with the children’s charity Variety KC. She holds annual birthday fundraisers for the nonprofit to help them raise money for resources to aid children with disabilities.

Pat and Randi are divorced but remain on good terms with each other
Randi and Pat married in the late ’90s and got divorced in 2006. On her website, Randi explains that though she and her ex-husband experienced hardships during their marriage, they have a healthy co-parenting relationship. “After high school, Randi met Patrick’s father and they quickly reconnected and started a family,” her bio reads. “When they met, Randi had no idea that her future husband was a star athlete that played professional baseball.”

The post continues, “Married life with a professional baseball player is a hard life and took a toll on their relationship, which led to divorce. True to Randi’s optimistic spirit, the two are friendly to this day.”

The former spouses frequently reunite to support Patrick at his games and during his milestone moments.

Pat urged his son to quit football at first

Like his dad, Patrick was a three-sport athlete in high school, playing football, baseball and basketball. While he was talented at all three, Pat thought he showed the most promise in baseball.

“He grew up in the clubhouse, he was always around the game, and he was always the best player on his baseball team,” Pat told the Los Angeles Times of his son. “He was an unbelievable shortstop, he always led his team in hitting, and he threw 97 mph on the mound, so I always thought he was gonna be a baseball player.”

At one point, Pat wanted his son to quit football after his sophomore year in order to focus on baseball. “I just thought we were wasting time when he could have been working on the sports he would go to college for, baseball and basketball. Plus, I didn’t want him to get hurt,” he told the newspaper.

However, mom Randi intervened. “She told him to pray on it and think hard about what he wanted to do, and God would give him the answers. I guess God told him to keep on playing,” Pat recalled.

Now, Pat thinks his son’s experience playing both baseball and basketball is what helped shaped him into the quarterback he is today. “You can tell by the way Patrick plays quarterback that he took pieces of his basketball, the jump throws and no-look passes, and pieces of his baseball, the different arm angles, and he put it all together in a package in football,” he added.

Patrick’s ability to heal quickly comes from Randi
While the quarterback was suffering from a sprained ankle and clearly in pain during the 2023 AFC Championship Game, he still managed to reach a top speed of 18.14 mph. After the game, Pat told The Washington Post, “We got a family motto: Players make plays. And so, he made a play.”

However, Patrick’s father noted that his son does have a remarkable knack for healing — one that comes from Randi. “His mama has some different genes. She’s double-jointed and all that,” he said. “He gets that from his mama. The athletic ability comes from me. That part comes from his mama.”

Pat and Randi are very proud and supportive of Patrick

Pat and Randi are their son’s biggest fans, and they have different ways of expressing their support for him. The former pro baseball player is very superstitious and wears the same clothes repeatedly to ensure wins for his son. “Anything for a win,” he said during a January 2020 FOX4 interview. “[What’s working] is working, so you know, you just got to keep rolling it out until it fails.” He then recalled almost “freezing to death” wearing the same white shorts and T-shirt during the winter.

Randi also opened up about her pride for her son to FOX4. “I am very, very proud. I always say we’re blessed. He’s blessed to be able to do his dream — to live doing exactly what he loves,” she told the outlet.

After Patrick and the Chiefs won the AFC Championship, Randi posted a photo of herself posing with all of her kids, as well as Patrick’s wife and daughter, on the field, captioned, “Words cannot describe my emotions. I love my family more then anything ❤️ #blessed.”

On Feb. 9, 2023, just days before Super Bowl 2023, Randi shared another post about her son. This time, it was a throwback image of her and Patrick from his high school football days.

“This feels like yesterday but today I’m headed off to watch (try too 🫣) my boy. Cheering for my kids never gets old. I wouldn’t have it any other way #chiefs #15 #ibelieve #blessed,” the doting mom captioned the post.