watch : Taylor Swift comforts Travis Kelce’s tearful mum Donna in touching family moment

Taylor Swift comforts Travis Kelce's tearful mum Donna in touching family moment


Taylor Swift shared a heartfelt moment with Travis Kelce’s mum, Donna, after Kansas City Chiefs’ victory in the AFC Championship Game.


Swift, 34, went to the game with Brittany Mahomes, wife of Chiefs quarterback Patrick, and friends Cara Delevigne and Keleigh Teller. Kelce’s family, including his brother Jason, dad Ed and mum Donna, were also present to witness the team’s 17-10 win over Baltimore Ravens.

Kansas City are now Super Bowl bound again for the fourth time in five seasons, winning two of their previous visits, last season against Jason’s Philadelphia Eagles and in 2019 versus San Francisco 49ers. But this was their most difficult postseason campaign, facing road games in the Divisional Round and Conference Championship.

Thus, celebrations soon ensued on the field once victory was assured, with Swift coming down from her suite in the stands to find Travis. Donna, Ed and Jason also made their way down to field level, with the two parents later spending some time with their youngest son’s celebrity girlfriend.

Television footage of the postgame festivities cut to showing Swift arm-in-arm with Ed while in conversation with Kelce Snr as Donna took a moment to herself. Swift, though, soon spotted her boyfriend’s mum wiping away tears from her eyes, such was the emotion of the occasion.

After checking in with her, the pop star detangled her arms from Ed before approaching his wife and giving her a big hug. “So excited,” Donna reassured Swift. “I can’t believe it! Oh my gosh!”

Swift shared similar disbelief when finally finding Travis after the game. He shouted, “NEVADA!” when he saw her on the field, referencing where this year’s Super Bowl is happening.

They then hugged and kissed before Travis said: “How about that one, huh?” Ed soon came out of the crowd on the field, and his son yelled: “PAPA!” before hugging him too and remarking, “What’s up, big dog?” and “How ’bout it, huh?”

Travis continued: “Las Vegas! Here we go, baby!” before shouting: “Woo!” and turning back to Swift. “What’s up, sweetie?” he asked, prompting her to give him another hug and say, “I have never seen you like that!”

The conversation quickly moved to where Swift and her friends watched from during the game. She pointed towards the other side of the stadium and said, “We were over there, all the way up there,” and then added about the match: “That was insane; I can’t believe it!”

Even though they’re the current Super Bowl champions, the Chiefs weren’t the favourites for Championship Weekend. But now, Kelce, Mahomes, and head coach Andy Reid aim to win their third title against the 49ers in a rematch of the 2019 Super Bowl, which they dramatically won with a historic fourth-quarter comeback.

“We going to Vegas!” Kelce declared after this latest game. “We’re going to get us another one!”