News now : Jennifer Lopez Divorce husband Ben Affleck after two years of marriage just to be seen with Tom Brady in Hotel 15mins ago.. Tom is set to marry her

News now : Jennifer Lopez Divorce husband Ben Affleck after two years of marriage just to be seen with Tom Brady in Hotel 15mins ago.. will Tom marry her ?


Divorce rumors are swirling around Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, slowly gaining credibility. We’ve never been paying more attention J.Lo’s schedule, Affleck’s ring finger, or their real estate listings.

May 17, 2024: Don’t be fooled by the rocks that they’ve got — Bennifer 2.0 may not be going as steady as they’ve seemed. It started a week and a half ago, when Affleck wasn’t by his wife’s side as she co-chaired the Met Gala on May 6. A rep told People and other outlets that he was busy filming The Accountant 2 in Los Angeles. Sure, filming an action sequel is an excuse, but not quite an airtight one. That set the stage for this May 15 bombshell from In Touch Weekly: “Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Are ‘Headed for a Divorce,’ He ‘Already Moved Out.’” Now, In Touch isn’t the sort of magazine you can trust outright — but that report does give us reason to keep snooping.


So, what else do we know? Let’s start with a fact, from People: Jen and Ben were last pictured together on March 30. That makes today the 48th day that paparazzi’s favorite couple has been missing. People does note that J.Lo has been busy working on films and the Met Gala, while Affleck, as we know, has been shooting the oh-so-important Accountant 2. The couple has been pictured apart, though — and per E! News, both were still wearing their wedding rings as of May 16. Lopez’s was visible on her way to a dance studio in L.A., while Affleck flashed his on a drive. But wait, you wonder, where was Affleck driving? TMZ has that scoop: He was leaving a house in Brentwood where paps say he’s been staying without Lopez. Aha! On top of that, the day before the In Touch report, TMZ also caught J.Lo house hunting in Beverly Hills. Could they already be ditching that $60 million mansion after just a year?

Maybe not. Two sources told Us Weekly that Jen and Ben are still working on their marriage and not separating. A third did confirm they’ve been “having issues,” and “are on completely different pages most of the time,” stemming from their busy schedules since J.Lo began prepping for her summer tour. (As if she wasn’t busy while making an album, movie, and documentary — funded by Affleck, no less!) But while Affleck has been staying at a separate home, Lopez isn’t trying to move out, she’s just looking for an investment, per one source. How about a fixer-upper that they can bond over working on?

For the sake of the children …
May 17, 2024: We must issue a retraction: This was not Day 48 of Bennifer not being photographed together, because they were actually pictured together last night, May 16. The couple united to watch Affleck’s child, Fin, in a school play, and were seen each holding bouquets in a parking lot. TMZ reported they arrived separately, but spoke once they got there. Also in attendance? Emme, J.Lo’s child who’s struck a close friendship with Fin amid their parents’ marriage. At least they’re still on solid ground!

After the show, Affleck reportedly dropped Jennifer and Emme off at the mansion, before heading back to his pad in Brentwood — meaning this interaction may have cleared up less than expected. TMZ’s assessment? “Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are still on speaking terms as they go through whatever they’re going through.” For once, that does seem accurate, yeah.

Affleck ring watch
May 20, 2024: If a picture is worth a thousand words, Jen and Ben wrote a whole new chapter of this saga over the weekend. It started Friday night, just a day after Affleck’s public reunion with Lopez, when he pulled back up to his kid’s school with no wedding ring on his hand (as TMZ zoomed in to notice). Maybe things went wrong on that drive home — or maybe Affleck just misplaced the ring somewhere in his current house, because by Sunday, he was wearing it yet again, on his way to pick up J.Lo, per People, from a theater in Santa Monica before going for a walk together. At least they’re smiling?

J.Lo says you know better
May 22, 2024: Lopez made a non-statement statement while doing press for Atlas in Mexico City. As captured by Univision’s El Gordo y La Flaca, Lopez was asked if she wanted to address the rumors. “You know better than that,” she said. Well, she actually said “Tú sabes más que eso,” but you get it. Maybe she and Ben can issue a joint statement en Español (he’s fluent, you know).

Ring watch continues
May 30, 2024: Since his scare a few weeks ago, Ben Affleck has been eager to flash his ring for paps — and, for that matter, his wife’s contact in his phone. (He did take it off while filming The Accountant 2, but he gets a pass for that.) Now it’s Jennifer Lopez who’s been spotted without her wedding ring. Lainey Gossip noticed that J.Lo’s hand was a little lighter as she left a meeting on May 28. Sources say she’s still focusing on work as she and Affleck continue to live apart. Too focused to remember her ring in the morning?

No tour, just air kisses
June 3, 2024: Jennifer Lopez announced that she was canceling her tour “to be with her children, family and close friends.” Later in the weekend, J.Lo and B. Af were seen exchanging air kisses while out to lunch with Affleck’s mom. Meanwhile, TikTok has become a sea of Affleck/Damon shipping under the hashtag #WhichCouldMeanNothing. So who really is Ben’s “loml”?

Selling Bennifer Hills
June 8, 2024: TMZ reports that the couple has allegedly been working with a realtor for the past two weeks to sell their Beverly Hills mansion for about $65 million. They reportedly live separately as Affleck is in a rental, and J.Lo is using the rocks that she got to find a new block as the divorce rumors grow stronger.