“Love in Bloom : Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Whirlwind Romance Reaches New Heights” Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s romance is one of the key moments of the 2024


Travis Kelce is reportedly planning to go all out on Taylor Swift’s upcoming birthday.

The Lover singer, who is set to turn 34 on Dec. 13, recently made the NFL star publicly blush with a surprise shout-out while singing Karma at a show in Argentina over the weekend.



Though the pair is now anticipating some time apart due to their respective work commitments, Kelce is “planning to make [the singer’s] birthday very, very special,” a source told celebrity gossip hub, DeuxMoi.

Another source expressed their unwavering faith at Swift and Kelce’s budding romance, noting they are “going to get married and have kids. Mark my words.”

While not explicitly clear, it is insinuated that the athlete might pop the question to the Grammy winner, only four months into dating.

The presumption isn’t unprecedented; the twosome is moving with a rapid pace in their relationship.

With Kelce scrambling to get Swift’s phone number in as early as July, the couple is now well into the phase of relationship where they are not afraid to show off their affection for each other in public.

Apart from the games, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s romance is one of the key moments of the 2023 NFL season. The way they navigate the love story is commendable. With a mere confession of handing over a friendship bracelet with Kelce’s number engraved on it to “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs,” their romance attracted love and admiration from the masses.

Moreover, after concluding her Eras tour in November, the pop sensation is all set to spend her birthday and Christmas with the Kansas City Chiefs tight-end Kelce. Both were busy in their respective domains and will take time out of their schedules to spend with each other.

The Families News YouTube channel uploaded a video breaking the news of Kelce and Swift’s Christmas plans. Kelce recently bought a $6 million home for privacy with Swift. After concluding The Eras Tour in November, Swift landed in the home city of Kelce, Kansas City. And the couple is all set to spend Christmas and Swift’s 34th birthday together.

The Families News YouTube video stated, “The couple is planning to spend more time together in December and January as per source via ET. Taylor and Travis are on the same page and have a lot in common. The source added both are extremely close to their families and share morals and views on a lot of things.”