Coco Gauff an American professional tennis player at 20YO bought Mom and Dad dream House worth $22m .. ” what i couldn’t get during my 20’s she did, I’m so proud of her” Dad shed tears during emotional speech ..what are your thoughts on Gauff fulfilling her father’s wish?

Coco Gauff an American professional tennis player at 20YO bought Mom and Dad dream House worth $22m ..


With a racket in hand and determination in her heart, Coco Gauff can pull off almost anything. Whether it be displaying unwavering resolve or impressive skills on the court, or captivating the audience with her strong opinions, she can do it all. Despite her plethora of achievements, the 19-year-old American phenomenon has recently reached yet another significant milestone: fulfilling her father’s dream.

After making it to her first Australian Open semi-final round, the world-number-three-ranked tennis player created a dream come true moment for her father. She recently opened up about her father’s dream and explained how she built his dream sports compound.


Coco Gauff fulfills her father’s sporting wish

After doing great on the tennis court and making her parents proud, the 19-year-old tennis star recently opened up about what she did after returning from the Australian Open. In an interview with Sky Sports Tennis, she detailed how, during that break, she fulfilled her dad’s wish to create a personal tennis court in their home.

She stated, “I mean, it was like my dad’s like dream like when he was younger like to have like a basketball court but obviously none of us played basketball out of my brothers uh he put all of us in basketball but none of us played so we did a tennis court and then my brother has he plays baseball and he has a batting cage so it’s like a little sports compound over there.”

She also highlighted how it’s not just a tennis court, but also has a batting cage, making it a sports compound unto itself. Further, she also mentioned how it was her father’s dream to have a basketball court, but rather than going for a specific sport, they made a whole new sports facility inside their house.

Although the $22 million star is currently living out her father’s goal, Corey Gauff has been her staunchest ally as well. The 2023 US Open winner has never hidden the sacrifices made by her father, who has been crucial in helping her transform her dreams into reality.

When Gauff opened up about her father’s sacrifices
Her parents encouraged her to pursue tennis after realizing her potential and resigned from their jobs to help their daughter become the best. Last year, in an interview with The Guardian, Coco Gauff talked candidly about her father’s professional life.

She stated, “Dad much prefers the lifestyle he has now than his job in corporate America. We didn’t see him much before – he’d come home for weekends, then fly out again.” Even though he was pleased to leave the corporate world, he had worked very hard to enable his daughter to establish a reputation for herself.