Breaking news : A Philadelphia radio station has banned Taylor Swift’s songs ahead of the next Game ‘ Taylor Reaction ‘.. Full story

Breaking news : A Philadelphia radio station has banned Taylor Swift's songs ahead of the next Game ' Taylor Reaction '.. Full story


A Philadelphia radio station has put a moratorium on Taylor Swift’s music .

“Because while Q102 loves Taylor Swift, we can’t get enough of her, this weekend it’s really important we show our support for the Birds,” he said, referring to the city’s beloved Eagles.


The decision is probably due to Swift’s highly publicized romance with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, despite the Pennsylvania native’s father being a longtime Eagles fan. On evermore, she’s also hinted at being an Eagles fan herself, singing about being the proud owner of an Eagles shirt on her song “Gold Rush.” Even so, Swift has become a regular attendee at Chiefs games, where she’s often seen enthusiastically cheering for Kelce.

Australian Taylor Swift fans are fuming over a long list of items banned at the pop star’s upcoming concerts.

Frontier Touring released a list of bizarre rules ahead of the 12-time Grammy award winner’s Australian leg of the Eras Tour in Sydney and Melbourne later this month.

Large signs, confetti, iPads, spray sunscreen, aerosol deodorant and battery packs are among the many prohibited items.

There are even restrictions around friendship bracelets that reference Swifts’s songs, albums and lyrics to trade at concerts.

‘Friendship bracelets are allowed to be brought into the venues but must be worn on patrons’ arms – strictly no carabiner, d-rings or other,’ the rules state.

Drones at or in the venues are ‘strictly prohibited’ along with audio recording devices.

Professional video or photography cameras will also not be allowed however fans will be allowed to film the concert on their smartphones.

Attendees have also been instructed not wear clothing likely to prevent other concertgoers from watching Swift perform on stage.

Other objects likely to cause a disturbance such as airhorns, speakers, flashlights, and lasers will be confiscated if they are brought to the concerts.

Tents and umbrellas are also not permitted.

The comprehensive list of banned items sparked outrage from Swifties.

Many demanded Frontier Touring to ‘fix the rules immediately’.

‘Seriously???? No portable chargers?,’ one commented.

The restrictions on friendship bracelets also sparked an uproar.

‘Okay but how am I meant to fit 300 friendship bracelets on my arms?? why can’t we bring carabiners?’ one Swiftie wrote.

A second wrote: ‘This is ridiculous, some of us went out of our way to make friendship bracelets,’ another wrote.

A third lamented: ‘I HAVE 400 BRACELETS, how am [I] supposed to wear them all????’

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Frontier Touring for comment.

Swift who won her fourth Grammy Award for album of the year on Sunday will be performing at sold out shows in Melbourne and Sydney.

She will play three shows at the MCG on February 16, 17, and 18 before performing four concerts at Accor Stadium in Sydney on February 23, 24, 25, and 26.