What Taylor Swift’s Dad Scott think of her relationship with Travis Kelce

What Taylor Swift's Dad Scott think of her relationship with Travis Kelce


After Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were seen packing on PDA during her concert in Buenos Aires, an expert analyzed her dad Scott Swift’s body language on it.


The tight end attended his girlfriend’s performance from a VIP tent alongside Scott, over the weekend.

During the concert, Taylor gave multiple shout-outs to her beau as she changed Karma lyrics and pointed towards him while singing specific verses from Blank Space and Lover.

Observing these moments, a body language expert Judi James told Mirror that Scott seems “delighted” by his daughter’s new man.

“Not only was he wearing the Chief’s lanyard in a very public show but his persona at Taylor’s concert seemed to make it very clear that he has accepted him,” she said.

Moreover, Judi added that Scott looks like “a personal fan of Travis” because he was clapping and cheering over Taylor’s romantic shout-out.

She also noted that fathers are often skeptical when it comes to who their daughter is dating, “But that doesn’t seem to be the case for Scott because he shows no signs of being anything other than delighted here.”

Judi further compared Scott’s approval to Travis’ mom who has previously hung out with Taylor during his NFL games.