“We really try not to let it affect us” – Jason Kelce gets candid on effects of his family’s newfound….


Jason Kelce and his younger brother Travis Kelce gained great fame during the last NFL season. The brothers capitalized on the opportunity and launched their own podcast. It only made them more famous, as their entertaining episodes scored well among NFL fans.


Although they enjoy being popular, it means that their family was constantly in the news. Jason Kelce recently sat down for an exclusive interview with PEOPLE. In the course of the interview, he tried to explain how popularity has affected his family.

“We really try not to let it affect us, to be honest with you. I think there are times where you’re out and about and whatnot, and it’s hard to just enjoy being at an event or out to dinner.”

“But for the most part, everybody’s very nice and generous and either they are fans of the team or listening to the podcasts, or all of our family.”

The family is currently focused on raising their newest member – their 6-month-old daughter, Bennett Llewellyn.

Jason Kelce shared his experience behind filming his documentary
Jason Kelce and his wife Kylie have given insights into their remarkable journey while filming the documentary ‘Kelce’, a project that delves deep into Jason’s NFL career.

Beyond showcasing his achievements on the football field, the documentary shines a light on the couple’s intimate moments. This includes the heartwarming birth of their daughter and Jason’s triumphant Super Bowl appearance.

Jason and Kylie both acknowledged the vital role played by the dedicated production crew and staff, allowing them to be their genuine selves throughout the filming process.

“I think it really made doing all the shots and being as open as possible. It made it a lot easier working with them and their whole crew and staff. It was easy to just kind of be ourselves and be as authentic as possible.”
Ultimately, ‘Kelce’ aims to redefine football as a sport rooted in family values, emphasizing that the bonds formed off the field are just as significant as those made on it.