watch : Taylor Swift Mom praise son in-law Travis for his kindness and personality ” If someone asked me to describe you in just two words, I’d say “Simply Amazing.” I prayed everyday for this day

watch : Taylor Swift Mom praise son in-law Travis for his kindness and personality


Justin Reid has revealed the first time that he and his Chiefs teammates met Taylor Swift after she attended her first game to cheer on Travis Kelce, as he raved about the popstar’s authenticity.


Reid – a two-time Super Bowl champion and safety for the Chiefs – recalled meeting Swift for the first time ever after she attended Kansas City’s home game against the Chicago Bears on September 24. Kelce also booked up a bar for everyone to get a chance to actually get to know his world famous girlfriend, at the time.

‘The first time I met Taylor was actually… the same night she was publicly in the stadium that everyone knew, that the cameras were all on her,’ Reid said on the podcast Golf Underground, earlier this month.

.. So Travis rents out Prime Social right downtown and from Prime Social he threw us a private party.

‘All the players were invited and everybody at some point or another meets Taylor, and Taylor’s just awesome.’

Commenting on the hitmaker’s kindness and personality, Reid shared: ‘She found a way to compliment everybody that she met that night.

‘[Taylor and Travis] were enjoying themselves, having a good time. Everyone got a chance to meet her. It was a really organic space and it was a lot of fun.’

Fans rejoiced at how Kelce introduced Swift to all of his teammates, with one sharing in the video’s comments: ‘I am impressed that TK really was very thoughtful in how he dealt with her fame and introduced her to his team and world.’

‘I love it. The players are free to talk about Taylor. Ss if they’ve been given the green light,’ another fan wrote, appreciating the people close to the couple who openly and naturally discuss the romance.

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid also likes Swift, as he bashed some of the team’s critics for insinuating that the popstar is a distraction for players. He even once described Swift as ‘very, very sweet.’

Kelce and Swift are coming up close to a year of dating and were spotted swimming in the ocean during their getaway trip to the Bahamas on Monday.

Last week, the New York Post revealed the shocking amount of money that Travis has reportedly spent on wooing Taylor over the last 12 months.