watch : Furious Swifties slam fan’s ‘selfish’ act during sold-out show: ‘This makes me so sad’ 💔

watch : Furious Swifties slam fan's 'selfish' act during sold-out show: 'This makes me so sad' 💔

An angry Swiftie has taken to social media to lash out over another Taylor Swift fan’s ‘selfish’ behaviour during a sold-out performance in Melbourne.

The superstar, 34, wowed 96,000 fans at the Melbourne Cricket Ground last week with a moving performance of her ballad Tolerate It.

However, one fan was left unimpressed about another Swiftie belted out lyrics to the song out of tune, documenting the infuriating moment on TikTok.


In clip, Taylor’s voice becomes drowned out by the sound of the fan screaming along to the song, much to the annoyance of one ticketholder.

‘Honestly, I don’t care how much you love the song, concerts are a public space and people around you paid a lot of money,’ the annoyed fan captioned the video.

‘Don’t be selfish. Have concert etiquette please.’

The user’s followers were divided over the footage, with some sharing their agreement while others pointed out that concerts are a communal atmosphere.

‘This makes me so sad. It is literally how you should behave at concerts,’ sniped one fan.

‘You must be fun at parties,’ a second person added, as a third user chipped in: ‘If you want a silent concert, listen to your Spotify play list.’

However, others agreed with Rose and said the loud Swifties were impacting the concert experience.

‘There’s a difference between singing loudly and screeching,’ one person wrote.

‘Imagine this is your favourite song and you can’t hear a single word because of someone doing this,’ another user commented.

It comes after Swift was left speechless and touched after a rousing reception from the crowd on her second night performing in Sydney on Saturday.

The Shake It Off hitmaker clutched her chest and mouthed: ‘Oh my god’ during a four minute long standing ovation at Accor Stadium.

Swift will next take the stage at Accor Stadium on Sunday night before finishing up the Australian leg of her Eras Tour concerts on Monday.