watch : Coco Gauff secret lover revealed ‘ Coco show off her $5m worth surprise gift he gave to her and what she said about him is heart touching, I feel so blessed friends

watch : Coco Gauff secret lover revealed ' coco show off her $5m worth surprise gift he gave her and what she said about him is heart touching, I feel so blessed friends

Despite her quick exit at the 2024 Qatar Open, Coco Gauff showed on Instagram that she was making the most of the trip, spending time in the Qatar desert with her mother, Candi Gauff, and her mystery boyfriend.

In her post from February 14, a day after she lost 6-2, 6-4 in the first round to unseeded Katerina Siniakova, Gauff is seen taking a selfie at sunset and sitting on an all-terrain vehicle with a young man wearing sunglasses.

Gauff, who turns 20 in March, has yet to reveal her boyfriend’s identity.

Coco Gauff Keeps Her Boyfriend Close to Her Heart
When asked about her love life during a July 2023 episode of the Tennis Channel’s “Warm & Fuzzy” series, Gauff cleverly responded, “It’s lifing.” She elaborated, telling the show’s host, Michael Kosta, that her love life was “trending up.”

In November 2023, Gauff described the new way she keeps her boyfriend close to her heart. In an interview with the Tennis Channel, Gauff showed off a necklace that she said she’d recently received as a memento from her boyfriend.

“My boyfriеnd gavе this to mе. Infinity,” Gauff said. “Hе gavе that to mе aftеr I won thе U.S. Opеn. I was playing with a locket for the U.S. Open and that meant nothing; it was just a necklace, and then onе day I just got tirеd of taking it off, so I just kеpt wеaring it.”

Coco then replaced her locket necklace with the infinity necklace her boyfriend gave her because she wanted to “play with somеthing that mеans somеthing to [her].”

How Coco Gauff’s Boyfriend Supports Her Tennis Career
In an interview with Sky Sports ahead of the 2024 Qatar Open, Gauff shared that she was feeling refreshed after taking some days off and hanging out with her boyfriend after the 2024 Australian Open.

“I would say that the first night, I was, like, still thinking about the things that went on in that match. You know, I felt like it was decided by a couple of points,” Gauff said. “I took off like four-five days. My boyfriend came in town so I hung out with him. And then I was really happy to get back on the practice court. It felt good to just be at home. We’ve built a court at my house, so practicing is always very easygoing than at tournaments. Yeah, I feel really refreshed,” she continued.

This support from Gauff’s boyfriend is nothing new. In a press conference following her first Grand Slam win at the 2023 U.S. Open, Gauff credited her boyfriend for helping her get in the right mindset before the championship match.

Speaking about her loss at the 2022 French Open finals, Gauff said, “I was envisioning, you know, what would happen if I would win, and I think I was wanting it too much.”

Not wanting that to happen again at the 2023 U.S. Open, Gauff found comfort in her boyfriend. “I just called my boyfriend, and I told him ‘Let’s talk until it was time to go to sleep,’ so we spoke until 1 a.m. and then I went to sleep.”

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