Travis Kelce Already Making Preparations for Taylor Swift’s 34th Birthday “Heartwarming Massage”

Travis Kelce Already Making Preparations for Taylor Swift's 34th Birthday


Grammy-winning artist Taylor Swift is bidding farewell to Kansas City, cutting short her recent stay with boyfriend Travis Kelce. The pop star was spotted boarding her private jet under umbrellas on Tuesday morning after spending the past week with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end.


What on earth did I think about all the time before you? "You do a million little things that bring joy to my life." Taylor Swift Love's Travis

Swift’s sudden departure raised eyebrows, especially as she had been spending quality time with Kelce following the conclusion of her Eras Tour dates scheduled for 2023.

The singer, who recently made a brief trip to London for Beyoncé’s film premiere, flew straight from Sao Paulo, Brazil, to be with Kelce.

While many speculated about the reasons for her swift return to New York City, “Tay Tay” is a finalist for TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year, with the winner set to be announced on Wednesday.

Fans speculated that her quick return may be related to potential filming for the Today Show, which announced the finalists on Monday.

Taylor is back in Tribeca
The 33-year-old artist, who had not been back to her Tribeca apartment since finishing the South American leg of her tour, left Kansas City but not before a stop at the Dogpound gym near her residence.

Swift’s return to NYC follows her recent nomination for Person of the Year, where she competes against the likes of Barbie, Vladimir Putin, and King Charles III.

The singer is anticipated to spend the next few weeks in the Midwest with Kelce during her two-month break from the international leg of the Eras Tour.

Will Travis join Taylor for her birthday?
While it’s unclear if Swift will return to Kansas City before her 34th birthday on December 13, fans wonder if Kelce will join her in New York for the celebrations.

Kelce was seen leaving his house on Monday morning, making a stop at a local market before heading to the Chiefs training facility.

Swift had left her tour to spend time with Kelce, and sources suggest that despite their busy schedules, the couple is eager to enjoy quality time together now that they have the opportunity.

The singer recently visited BFF Brittany Mahomes at her mansion in Kansas City, indicating a cozy settling-in period for the couple.