‘took my breath away ‘ Kylie Kelce reveals what daughter Wyatt said about Taylor swift and uncle Travis

'took my breath away ' Kylie Kelce reveals what daughter Wyatt said about Taylor swift and uncle Travis


Kylie Kelce, wife of Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, has revealed that that her four-year-old Wyatt enjoys watching football, particularly to spot her dad and uncle Travis, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end.

The Kelce sisters, including eight-month-old Bennett and two-year-old Elliotte, are developing their football knowledge.


We like to look at the TV for times that Jason might have his helmet off, or Uncle Trav might have his helmet off,” she told PEOPLE.

“Those are the moments when I can really suck them into a game because then they don’t look like every other person on the field. When the helmets are off, they can say, ‘Oh, that’s definitely dad.’

“Anytime they see red teams on the TV, they say, ‘Are we cheering for the red team?’ Because usually, we’re watching Uncle Trav.

“You can see how they’re picking up on those small hints and cues and learning how to watch football,” she shares.

“But I would say when it comes to watching the actual game, our middle Elliotte – actually, it’s the strangest thing – will cheer at the right times where it’s almost as if she understands the game.”

Praised uncle Travis
Ahead of the 2023 Super Bowl, where the Kelce brothers faced off against each other, Kylie praised Travis as the “absolute best” uncle to her girls.

“It’s very funny, Travis said in an interview that he thinks [the girls] might like him more than they like Jason,” Kylie joked.

“I tell everybody, he comes to our house to visit and the poor guy doesn’t sit on the couch because our daughters will be like, ‘No, no, you sit on the floor. We’re gonna do a puzzle. We’re gonna build blocks. We’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do that’.

“Our oldest, she’s our boss. She’s our ring leader, and she just has demand after demand for him. And I’m like, ‘Trav, you know you can tell Wyatt no?’

“He was like ‘Yeah, I don’t think I can.’ And so he will do it.

“She’ll be like, ‘Jump up and down.’ He’ll do it. ‘Roll on the floor,’ he’ll do it. ‘Be the pony.’ He’ll do it. So he’s all-in when it comes to being an uncle. He is the epitome of an uncle, just through and through.”