“That’s Bananas”: Irate Fans Side With Jason Kelce’s Wife Who Complained About Paying $4,000 a Ticket To Watch Super Bowl With Her Daughters

“That’s Bananas”: Irate Fans Side With Jason Kelce’s Wife Who Complained About Paying $4,000 a Ticket To Watch Super Bowl With Her Daughters


Jason Kelce has touched a lot of hearts with his newly released documentary titled ‘Kelce’ streaming on Prime Video. However, fans were left enraged by one of the extracts from the show went recently viral starring Jason’s wife Kylie Kelce. Kylie was seen talking about paying $4,000 a ticket to watch the Super Bowl with her daughters.


Jason’s wife Kylie Kelce and Prime Video reshared a clip on Instagram which stunned the fans. Apparently, the fact that the NFL tries to maximize revenue by making even the immediate family members of a player pay big didn’t sit right with them. They made sure to express their frustration over the post clarifying their stance.

Jason Kelce’s Wife Displays Frustration over High Cost of Game Tickets
The reel shared by Prime Video starred the exchange between Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce. The clip highlighted that Jason’s wife was unhappy about the fact that attending an NFL game is monetarily draining. His wife expressed her frustration with the high cost of the tickets charged for her child who might end up not wanting to use the seat. Pointing the same, she added,

“We’re paying almost $4,000 for a f**king kid who’s not going to sit on a seat to watch her dad play in a game. That’s bananas.”

In response to the situation, Jason Kelce chose to interact with their eldest daughter, Wyatt Elizabeth. She seemed excited about attending the Philadelphia Eagles game at first glance as her father plays as a center for the team. He asked her if she wants to go to the Super Bowl, to which she initially refused. Jason amusingly turns it into a solution saying, “She doesn’t wanna go, no ticket.”

However, the couple was left amused when her toy was subsequently referred to as her baby by their daughter. She further expressed her desire to attend the game with it. Kylie and her husband appear amused to the point that they might just need to pay another four thousand dollars on a lighter note.

Fans React to Kylie Kelce’s Comments on Expensive Tickets
Just as the reel was posted, fans swooped into the comments, calling out the NFL for making the player’s family pay. Additionally, they also supported Kylie for telling her mind and putting things so candidly. However, few fans reacted with much astonishment wanting players who make millions of dollars to pay for tickets.

While some fans were not happy with the fact that even the immediate family members of the stars of the show are made to pay big, many others also highlighted that the same players are making millions every year, so buying expensive tickets shouldn’t be an issue for them.