5 reason why Taylor Swift fans still won’t accept Brittany Mahomes : Please stop

Taylor Swift fans still won't accept Brittany Mahomes : Please stop


Pop star Taylor Swift found herself at the center of social media attention when a video surfaced showing what appeared to be an awkward encounter with Brittany Mahomes, the wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.


The incident occurred during the Chiefs’ clash against the Packers, where Taylor seemingly avoided a hug from Brittany.

The 33-year-old singer and Travis Kelce have been publicly displaying their romance, attending games together and meeting each other’s parents.

Taylor recently gave a shoutout to Travis during a concert and reportedly moved into his $6 million home in Kansas City.

Despite the apparent awkward interaction with Brittany, the two were later seen together on a private jet heading to Wisconsin to watch another game.

Social media react to the incident
Fans and social media users reacted to the video, describing the encounter as “awkward” and some even labeling Brittany as “desperate.”

“Brittany Mahomes is so desperate around Taylor,” a user wrote.

Another added: “Brittany is like that girl in high school who really wanted to be friends with the cool kids and thought she was a cool kid, and the cool kids just weren’t really feeling it.”

However, subsequent events showed the two women continuing to spend time together, attending a Christmas bash with their respective partners. Taylor’s fashion choices, including a red coat similar to Brittany’s, also sparked interest among fans.