Taylor Swift face condemnation over her hair extensions,” balayage and treatments after years of straightening and bleaching damaged her natural curls Looking so Bad”


When she was just 16, Taylor Swift famously released her self-titled debut album, with the artwork showing her with ringlets of thick blonde curly hair.

Then a country pop star, she was as famed for her luscious curly locks as much as her angsty self-written tunes.


But as she transitioned into pop, the singer started to appear with straighter hair – first showing off a straightened look at the Country Music Awards in 2010, then appearing on various magazine covers – including Vogue – with a sleek ‘do.

By the time she released her fourth album, fan favourite Red in 2012, Taylor appeared with straight locks more often than not. Years of straightening her hair left it short and choppy and when she debuted her seventh album Lover in 2019, Taylor appeared with a thin bob.


Now, five years on, her hair looks thicker and healthier than ever – which celebrity stylists have revealed is down to a combination of clever colouring and styling tricks – as well as high-end, tape in extensions.

Fans have shared photos of the star playing at iHeartRadio’s Wango Tango ball in 2019.

Sporting highwaisted multi-coloured shorts and a frilly jacket, the singer had a shoulder length locks – which are significantly thinner than what she sports today.

But just five years later her hair is thicker, longer and healthier than ever.

At the recent Golden Globe Awards, the Fortnight-singer stunned in a sleek Gucci dress with a gently waved waist length hair, a world apart from her previous ‘do.

Speaking to FEMAIL, celebrity hair stylist and extension specialist said Taylor is ‘definitely wearing extensions’ as you can see her hair is ‘very thick’ and naturally darker, with balayge lightening it.

Olia Cutz, founder of The Extensionist said there’s been a ‘huge’ noticeable difference in Taylor’s hair since 2019.

‘Her hair is thicker and fuller and longer. I’ve noticed that a few celebrities especially Beyonce will go for big big big hair to stand out more on stage.

‘Taylor’s hair is always looking on point for the Eras tour, her hair gleams on stage. Taylor will obviously have the best hair dresser and an extentionist with her at all times.

‘The extensions she will be using will be amazing and invisible to the naked eye. At The Extensionist we developed our own signature tapes called ‘Mini tapes,; the extensions are applied with tiny pieces of tapes.

We also have ULTRA BONDS, hair extensions that have strands so tiny the bond is almost invisible.

‘The bonds are applied meticulously, strand by strand, using a bespoke micro extension fusion machine specifically designed for the application of the tiny bonds.

‘Taylor’s hair looks awesome, beautiful and gorgeous, we are pretty certain there is come help going on their for the thickness and the length for sure!!

‘Extensionists for sure unless she needs to tell us about some magic potion to achieve that hair!’

Jason Crozier, art director at Neville Hair & Beauty, a celebrity- loved Salon in Lonon added: ‘Taylor’s journey is an example of how hair can evolve to reflect personal and artistic growth.

‘In 2019, during her Lover era, Taylor embraced a more natural and relaxed look with soft waves and her iconic blonde hair.

‘This style perfectly matched the romantic and pastel aesthetics of her music, creating a cohesive image that was both fresh and nostalgic.

Transitioning into her Folklore and Evermore eras in 2020, Taylor’s style and hair was more ethereal, she wore her hair in loose braids and natural curls.

‘With the release of Midnights in 2022, Taylor’s hair took on a glamorous, old Hollywood style. She often wore her hair in sleek waves, adding modern elements such as subtle highlights and elegant accessories.

‘Presently, Taylor Swift’s hair embodies the ‘old money blonde’ aesthetic, characterised by its understated elegance and timeless appeal.

‘This style is a nod to classic beauty, featuring clean lines, soft waves, and a rich blonde colour that exudes luxury and refinement.

‘It’s a sophisticated evolution that highlights her status as a fashion icon, seamlessly blending her musical artistry with her evolving personal style.

‘Notably, Taylor’s present look also suggests the use of extensions to achieve a fuller, longer appearance.

‘This technique adds volume and length, enhancing the overall elegance of her current style. Extensions are a fantastic way to add versatility and fullness, allowing for more dynamic and glamorous looks.

Speaking to Elle in 2019, Taylor revealed how her hair completely changed texture and magically straightened out without the need for her to do anything.

‘I learned that your hair can completely change texture,’

‘From birth, I had the curliest hair and now it is STRAIGHT.’

Taylor admitted she always wanted her hair to change texture when she was younger. But now that it has, she only hopes for the bouncy curls to make a reappearance.

‘It’s the straight hair I wished for every day in junior high,’ the Bad Blood singer confessed.

‘But just as I was coming to terms with loving my curls, they’ve left me. Please pray for their safe return.’

Speaking to DailyMail.com at the time, master colourist Sharon Dorram at Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger Salon explained that there could be plenty of reasons why Taylor’s hair has gone through a transformation as she has aged, pointing out her hormones likely played a key role.

‘The culprit of this hair change could be that Taylor’s hormones are changing as she’s getting older,’ the haircare pro explained.

‘Hormones change every seven years and a lot of times the hair texture alters as a result. A more common reason could be the change of her lifestyle. When the hair becomes more porous, due to elements that lead to lack of moisture, it inevitably becomes straighter.

‘We see Taylor flying back and forth for her tours and many projects, and that constant travel and elevation takes a toll on the hair, depleting it of moisture.’