“She absolutely leaked this”: Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes reportedly hitting it off divides opinion among NFL fans

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As per some of the recent reports, Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes might be friends. With the popular icon attending the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Chicago Bears game on Sunday, fans have been focused on the rumored relationship between Travis Kelce and Swift.


As rumors hint at another appearance by Taylor Swift at the MetLife Stadium for the New York Jets game, fans have been discussing a friendship between Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany, and Taylor Swift.

Considering both Travis Kelce and Mahomes are friends, the connection between Taylor and Brittany isn’t too far off.

However, a few Redditors refuse to believe the news. Some, trolling the fitness trainer, believe that the entire story has been fabricated.

Probably joking around, one user wrote:

“Oh she absolutely ‘leaked’ this”.

Apparently, a few users are convinced that Swift doesn’t actually know who Brittany is:

“While we all know how Brit is, there is no way Taylor has any idea and there is no way she is going to be rude to her for no reason. She was being polite because Taylor is a nice person. She’s not BFFs with Brittany now after one interaction”.

Others also brought up Kelce’s ex-girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, who is known to still be friends with Brittany Mahomes and Patrick.

Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift apparently partied together
Days after the Kansas City Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium, TMZ spoke of a budding friendship between Swift and Brittany. Apparently, they were both at Kelce’s party after the win, instantly hitting it off while doing a shot together.

As the NFL season picks up, the two have planned to stay in touch with each other. If it lines up, we could see the two cheering together at upcoming Chiefs games.

While there is no confirmation of Brittany Mahomes meeting the Love Story singer, Patrick Mahomes did confirm meeting the pop star. With them being together at the party, there is a good chance of Swift meeting the Mahomes family.

As per KSHB41 news in Kansas City, Patrick Mahomes said:

Yeah I met her. She’s really cool. Good people. But like Trav said, Imma let them have their privacy and just keep it moving.”
While Travis Kelce’s relationships and personal life have been often discussed publicly, the two-time Super Bowl champion has decided to keep mum about his relationship with Taylor.

Recently on the New Heights podcast with his brother, Kelce mentioned Swift, and that he would like to respect their privacy.