Prince Harry is running to show the world Prince William’s anger ,accused him of being desperate

Prince Harry is running to show the world Prince William's anger ,accused him of being desperate


Prince Harry appears to be visibly distraught when it comes to his reconciliation bid because experts have accused him of being desperate.


Body language expert Judi James spoke at length about Prince Harry in her most recent appearance on Good Morning America.

During that public engagement she weighed in on what appears to be going on behind the scenes with Prince Harry.

Ms James began everything by proposing a few questions about the royal and said, “Is Harry poised to drop everything and return to the U.K. to help out while his father is unwell?” because “his body language during this interview seems to suggest that he would very much like to imply that, if that doesn’t happen, it will not be his fault.”

The expert also went on to add, “Harry’s gestures make him seem keen to play down any idea of a rift, with some disingenuous-looking shrugs as he announces ‘I love my family’ as though the past few years of bitterness had just been air-brushed from history.”

She also referenced the meaning behind him eeping his hands in his pockets while chatting with Good Morning America about King Charles and said, “His shrugging looks like a diminishing gesture, as though nothing that has happened is a big deal and that his relationship with his family is just like another family’s.”

“The traditional royal cool and wary one that lets interviewers know a close-down is imminent. His ‘I spoke to him’ sounds curt pace-wise and his ‘I went to go to see him as soon as I could’ is said in what sounds like a regal monotone.”

The same was noted when he was “asked about the emotion involved though and he” visibly appears to have “to pause and reflect, using a verbal filler to stall for time. His shrug accompanies ‘I love my family’ to create the ‘who doesn’t?’ feel and to imply some awkwardness.”

“He is speedier with the agreements when the idea of reunifying is mentioned, throwing in an ‘absolutely’ and an ‘I’m sure’ before the interviewer has finished asking the question,” she added.

All in all, Ms James believes, “Harry performs an emphatic and exaggerated ritual of family unit re-unification when he talks about the strength of a family coming together.”

“He raises and splays his elbows holding his hands apart before pushing them together.”