Patrick Mahomes’ mom calls out online haters: “What do you get out of being so cruel “

Patrick Mahomes' mom calls out online haters:


Randi Mahomes, the mother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, released her anger against social media haters via a Twitter message.


Patrick Mahomes' mom calls out online haters: "What do you get out of being so cruel "

The mother of three posted the message just days after Netflix released the NFL’s docu-series ‘Quarterback’ in which her son’s family is one of the show’s main focuses.

In her tweet, Randi expressed her astonishment at strangers’ need to post hateful comments on social media and questioned the motive behind them.

The Mahomes, who are currently the most popular NFL family, have been the subject of a lot of online chatter since the documentary produced by ex-quarterback Peyton Manning hit the streaming service on July 12.

One of the objectives of ‘Quarterback’ was to show fans how players navigate their team responsibilities during the season with their family life away from the field.

As such, Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany Mahomes, enjoys a lot of airtime in the series and, while she has gained more respect from fans after shining her personality, has also been the victim of online discourse often focusing on her looks and her relationship with Patrick.

Fans have Randi Mahomes’ back
While we don’t know exactly what sparked Randi’s message on Twitter, fans were quick to reassure the 47-year-old mother who is very active on social media and shares her family’s life in Texas.

Her message generated a lot of sympathy and resonated with a lot of her followers, some of whom replied telling her how she shouldn’t read too much into the haters, and how loved her family was by them.

Who is Randi Mahomes?
Despite her oldest’ son having one of the highest-paying contracts in NFL history, Randi still works in her hometown of Tyler, Texas, as an event coordinator for the Hollytree Country Club.

She has 3 children: Patrick (27), Jackson (23) and Mia (12)

Randi married Patrick and Jackson’s father straight out of high school. Patrick Levon Mahomes was a professional baseball pitcher who played for various MLB teams in his 11-year career. The two divorced when her kids were young and raised them as a single mother.

Randi is very active on social media. On Instagram she has over 142 thousand followers, on Twitter she has 93 thousand, and on TikTok, she has over 16 thousand fans.