“My Mom Was a Mess”: Simone Biles Recalls Family’s Heartbreaking Moment After ‘Twisties’ Nightmare at…

“My Mom Was a Mess”: Simone Biles Recalls Family’s Heartbreaking Moment After ‘Twisties’ Nightmare at...


Simone Biles has candidly shared her experience grappling with the disorienting sensation known as the “twisties,” which she encountered during her participation in the 2021 Summer Olympics held in Tokyo. This phenomenon, characterized by a gymnast losing spatial awareness midair, presents a daunting challenge in executing safe landings. Biles recounted how she grappled with this during her vault routine, recalling the moment with a mix of humor and realization during an interview on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast.


Simone Biles gets a kiss from her mother Nellie Biles as she trains at Bannon’s Gymnastix on Thursday, Aug. 22, 2013, in Houston. Biles won the US women’s national all-around championship last weekend. ( Smiley N. Pool / Houston Chronicle) (Photo by Smiley N. Pool/Houston Chronicle via Getty Images)

Despite her extensive experience and prowess in gymnastics, the unexpected occurrence left her momentarily stunned, emphasizing the profound impact it had on her performance and mental state. Yet, amidst Biles’ personal ordeal, what garnered significant attention was the poignant reaction of her parents following her decision to withdraw from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

When reflecting on her parents’ reaction, Simone Biles conveyed a mix of emotions, describing it as “freaky.” Her recollection unfolded with vivid details, narrating the pivotal moment when she spoke to her mother over the phone. As her mother’s voice echoed through the receiver, Biles found herself overwhelmed with tears, unable to contain her emotions.

She vividly recounted her exchange with her mother,” My mom was like a mess. I could hear her crying and breaking down and that’s what broke Me too. “In contrast, Biles noted her father’s composed demeanor, speculating that while he may have harbored concerns, his outward reaction remained stoic and composed. As she defined her father, “My dad is always so calm and collected “

In the midst of her parents’ contrasting responses, Biles found herself grappling not only with her own disappointment but also with the weight of letting down those who had supported her journey. The realization that her decision to withdraw from the Olympics impacted not just herself, but also her team, her country, and the numerous individuals who had invested in her success, intensified her emotional upheaval. This profound sense of responsibility showed Biles’ gratitude for the opportunities she had been afforded, emphasizing her dedication to representing Team USA with humility and honor on the global stage.

Simone Biles’ parents, Nellie and Ronald Biles have always stood by her side, offering support through every high and low. Despite the challenges she faced, including her biological mother’s struggles with addiction and incarceration, Simone found solace and stability in her grandparents, whom she now calls Mom and Dad. Nellie and Ronald eventually became her legal guardians. Their unconditional love and guidance provided her with the strength to overcome adversity and pursue her dreams.