‘My Dad’s Crazy’-20-Year-Old Coco Gauff Once Revealed How Overnight Fame Disrupted Their Family and Forced Them to Go to Police


Coco Gauff, the 20-year-old tennis prodigy from America, has taken the world by storm with her remarkable talent and astonishing victories. Her meteoric rise to fame began when she achieved one of the biggest upsets in Wimbledon history by defeating the legendary Venus Williams.


Dubbed “Cocomania” during the tournament, she received overwhelming press coverage that took her into the limelight. However, the price of fame has not been without its challenges, as Gauff reveals in a recent interview.

She says how the recent limelight has got her both fame and times of trouble. She also reveals why her family keeps constantly changing their schedules.

Coco Gauff reveals she had to take the help of police
Being just 20 years old, the sudden surge of fame and attention can sometimes be overwhelming for Coco Gauff. While the media has showered her with positive recognition for her outstanding performances on the court, the downsides of fame have become evident.

In a recent revelation, Gauff revealed how, once she got off an unwanted situation, courtesy to the police station. She reveals that someone followed her family’s car, which even led them to seek refuge at a police station. After this case, her father has been a little cautious with things and does not want that any other incident like this should happen again.

“We’ve just kind of been making sure we change our schedule every day so no one, like, I don’t know, figures out what we do. My dad’s crazy, so I think we’ll be OK,” she tells Teen Vogue. Despite the challenges, Coco Gauff and her family have devised strategies to maintain their privacy and security. She humorously acknowledges her dad’s cautious approach to safeguarding their lives amidst the whirlwind of her daughter.

However, amid the incident taking place, it does not seem to stop Coco Gauff, who is just one step away from adding another silverware to her collection.

Coco Gauff is on course to add more silverware to her collection
Currently, the American tennis sensation finds herself on the brink of clinching another prestigious title as she vies for victory in the Citi Open finals. With just one more step to secure the silverware, Gauff will face a formidable opponent, Maria Sakkari, in what promises to be an enthralling showdown.

Despite the problems, the tennis player is still making wonders and is on the right track to claim another title and continue her impressive form going into the US Open.