Kylie Kelce hits back at ‘tabloid nonsense’ about avoiding Taylor Swift

Kylie Kelce hits back at 'tabloid nonsense' about avoiding Taylor Swift


Jason Kelce’s wife, Kylie, has hit back at misleading headlines that claimed she’s been avoiding Taylor Swift.


The 31-year-old philanthropist shared a recent video to TikTok to address a headline in a New York Post article, which claimed that she was “trying to avoid the Taylor Swift spotlight”. The claim came after Kylie spoke with Spectrum News in Kansas City earlier this month, where she said it’s not “particularly [her] cup of tea to be in the spotlight or in front of the camera”.

While her comment came as her family has continued to make headlines amid brother-in-law Travis Kelce’s relationship with Swift, Kylie made it clear that her remarks were taken out of context.

“Go watch that video,” she said in her TikTok video, while referring to the interview with Spectrum News. “I said it’s not my cup of tea to, like, have attention on me.”

She went on to deny the claim that she’s avoiding Swift, adding: “I didn’t say that. That seems like a stretch to me. That, you’re reaching. You are reaching.”

She went on to criticise another article by Us Weekly, which was initially titled: “Fellow Eagles Wife Mocks ‘National Treasure’ Kylie Kelce’s Packing Skills After Chiefs Game.”

“You see this woman right here, will protect at all costs,” Kylie said in the TikTok video, while pointing at the picture of her and Annie Elliot in the article. “You keep her name out of your mouth. [This] tabloid nonsense.”

The headline has now been changed to “Fellow Eagles Wife Jokes About ‘National Treasure’ Kylie Kelce’s Packing Skills After Chiefs Game.”

The wife of the Eagles player continued to mock the tabloids in her TikTok video, adding: “Let me tell you what we truly believe, at the bottom of our hearts in Philadelphia. F*** around and found out.”

Kylie’s video has quickly gone viral, as it has accumulated more than five million views. In the comments, many fans have gone to applaud Kylie for shutting down rumours about her and Swift.

“Pitting women against each other? On Kylie Kelce’s internet? Absolutely not,” one wrote, while another added: “PROTECT KYLIE KELCE AT ALL COSTS.”

A third wrote: “The way I was ready to run to comments to defend Kylie and then I realised this was, in fact, Kylie Kelce defending Kylie Kelce.”

The Philadelphia Eagles’ TikTok account also commented: “Tell ‘em Kylie,” while Jason and Travis Kelce’s New Heights podcast wrote: “GET ‘EM KY.”

Kylie’s comments about the tabloids come as Travis and Swift’s relationship has continued to be publicised. In July, the NFL star first went viral when he revealed that he attempted to give the singer a bracelet with his phone number on it while attending one of her Eras Tour shows.

Two months later, Swift went on to show her support for the Kansas City Chief star, as she attended one of his games at Arrowhead Stadium in September. During the occasion, she was even spotted in the Kelce family suite and sat next to Travis and Jason’s mother, Donna Kelce. Since then, she’s attended three more of Travis’ games.

Earlier this month, Travis publicly supported the “All Too Well” singer by attending one of her concerts in Argentina. During the event, Swift even changed the lyrics of her song “Karma” to reflect her relationship, singing: “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs, coming straight home to me.” Following the concert, Swift was seen running into her rumoured boyfriend’s arms and giving him a kiss, before they walked backstage.

As Travis and Swift’s romance has continued to develop, his older brother, Jason, has also opened up about his relationship with Kylie. During the Prime video documentary, Kelce, which aired in October, Kylie revealed how she met her now-husband, explaining: “Jason won’t let me lie about this. We met on Tinder.”

However, according to Kylie, she had no idea he was an NFL player at first because none of his pictures on Tinder showcased that. She recalled how, after matching on Tinder, she agreed to meet him out at a bar with his friends, as Jason described the moment he spotted his future wife as “love at first sight”. However, Kylie described her impression to be a little less romantic.

“Forty-five minutes later, he fell asleep at the bar, like just, out, like asleep, asleep,” she recalled. “The next day, he called and was like: ‘Can we try that again?’”

Despite the rocky first impression, Jason and Kylie married in 2018, a year before welcoming their three-year-old daughter, Wyatt Elizabeth. Two years later, their second daughter, Eliotte Ray, was born. Earlier this year, Kylie gave birth to her and her husband’s third daughter, Bennett Llewellyn.