Jackson Mahomes not same Dad with Patrick ? Allegations, and Identity Unveiled

Jackson Mahomes not same Dad with Patrick ? Allegations, and Identity Unveiled


Today we’re diving into the recent controversy surrounding Jackson Mahomes, the younger brother of Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. Jackson, who gained fame through his TikTok presence and his association with his successful brother, has found himself in hot water after being arrested on charges of aggravated sexual battery. We examine the events leading up to his arrest, and the public’s reaction, and speculate on the underlying factors at play.


The Rise of Jackson Mahomes
Three years ago, when Patrick Mahomes signed his 12-year, record-breaking deal, Jackson became a beneficiary of his brother’s success. Leveraging his brother’s fame, Jackson amassed over a million followers on TikTok and enjoyed a life of semi-luxury. However, questions arose about the source of his newfound lifestyle, with many attributing it to his brother’s financial support.

The Arrest:
Jackson’s world took a dramatic turn when he was arrested and charged with aggravated sexual battery. The incident stemmed from a viral video in which he was seen grabbing a woman by the neck on two occasions. This act became the basis for the charges against him, leading to his arrest.

Is Jackson Mahomes Related to Patrick Mahomes?
Yes, Jackson Mahomes is the brother of Patrick Mahomes. Despite a five-year age gap, the sibling bond between Patrick and Jackson remains strong. They support each other through thick and thin, even when they disagree. Whether it’s during the on or off season, they enjoy spending time together and nurturing their brotherly love.

Of course, like any typical brothers, they fought a lot while growing up. Their mother recalls losing several home decor items as they accidentally broke things during their scuffles. Despite being younger, Jackson was always close in height to Patrick.

In fact, their sibling rivalry even resulted in the breaking of an oven, which their mother found amusingly absurd. She refused to replace some of the furniture until Patrick moved out.

Since Jackson started college in Kansas City, he has been a regular attendee at Chiefs games, supporting his brother whenever possible. He rose to fame by posting TikToks during Patrick’s playoff games and has formed a sweet friendship with Patrick’s wife, Brittany Matthews, who married Patrick in Hawaii in 2022.

The brothers often attend events together, including a State Farm commercial shoot. Although they have different interests, their brotherly bond is evident and unbreakable.

During his time at Whitehouse High School, Jackson displayed remarkable basketball skills and chose to pursue this sport instead of football and baseball like his brother. Despite his dedication and height advantage, he did not manage to go pro like his older sibling.

Jackson’s basketball coach recognized his talent and started him for the entirety of his junior year, a notable accomplishment at the highly competitive high school level. However, being in the same school as his famous brother did not always work to his advantage. Opposing teams’ fans would often chant, “You’re not Patrick!” whenever Jackson took to the court. Nevertheless, Jackson believes that some of his best performances came during the games where the chants were the loudest.

Despite his potential to go further in basketball, Jackson may have felt pressure to live up to his brother’s accomplishments or simply did not have a passion for the sport.

Mahomes Family
Jackson and Patrick come from a close-knit family that has supported them throughout their careers. Their parents, Pat Mahomes and Randi Martin, have been their biggest cheerleaders from the beginning.

Both brothers have credited their parents for instilling in them a strong work ethic and supporting them in their athletic and academic pursuits. Their mother Randi has been particularly vocal about her pride in her sons, often taking to social media to express her joy and support for them.

The brothers also have a strong bond with each other, despite their five-year age gap. They frequently spend time together during the on and off-season, enjoying each other’s company and brotherly love.

Jackson has also formed a sweet friendship with Patrick’s wife, Brittany Matthews. The two have been seen supporting each other at various events and even traveled together to Hawaii for Patrick and Brittany’s wedding in 2022.

Reportedly, it was Jackson who came up with the adorable nickname “Bronze” for Patrick Mahomes’ son. In November 2022, the quarterback spoke to reporters and revealed that he wanted his son to carry on the traditional family name, but also wanted him to have a unique and catchy nickname. Jackson, being the creative and supportive brother he is, stepped in and suggested “Bronze”, a moniker that has since captured the hearts of fans and family alike.

The Mahomes-Martin family is a tight-knit unit that has remained supportive of each other’s pursuits and successes, both on and off the field.