‘It’s deeply tragic’: Jason Kelce , Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes saddened over NFL news

‘It’s deeply tragic’: Jason Kelce , Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes saddened over NFL news


Jason and Travis Kelce issued a joint statement ahead of their latest New Heights podcast addressing the fatal shooting that took place at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade.


“Attention 92%ers, we have a pre-recorded episode for you guys coming up on Wednesday, but after the tragic events of the Super Bowl parade in Kansas City, it didn’t feel right without you guys hearing from us first,” Travis Kelce said in a video message on Instagram ahead of the newest episode of the brothers podcast.

Two juveniles have been charged with crimes connected to the shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl rally. Lisa Lopez-Galvan was killed and 22 people were injured by gunfire, when shots erupted amid the throng of fans gathered at a rally outside Union Station after a parade through the city. The police chief, Stacey Graves, said that the victims ranged from ages of eight to 47, with half of them under 16.

“We just want to say our hearts go out to all the victims, their families, Chiefs Kingdom and really all of Kansas City that was really there on a day to try and celebrate the community,” Jason Kelce said. “It’s unfortunate and deeply tragic, the events that occurred.”

The shooting outside Union Station occurred despite the presence of more than 800 police officers who were in the building and surrounding area, including on top of nearby structures, said the mayor, Quinton Lucas, who attended with his wife and mother and ran for safety when the shots were fired. But he does not expect to cancel the upcoming St Patrick’s Day parade.

“We want to thank the local law enforcement that sprang into action, the first responders on scene, and anybody that’s been willing to help those affected by this tragedy,” Jason Kelce said.

The brothers provided a link to an emergency response fund. “Your donation goes toward supporting victims and their families, violence prevention and mental health services,” Travis Kelce said.

Taylor Swift, who is dating the Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, donated $100,000 to Lopez-Galvan’s family through GoFundMe campaigns. Kelce and his charity, Eighty-Seven & Running, also donated $100,000 to a GoFundMe for Madison Rose Reyes, 10, and Melia Reese Reyes, 8, who were injured at the parade.

The Chiefs also joined with the Hunt Family Foundation and the NFL to donate $200,000 to the emergency response fund.

“We’re still figuring out a way for us to be involved,” Jason Kelce said. “Obviously, you can donate to these links right now, but we plan on doing something in the future. We’re trying to get that situated right now. We’ll be telling you guys ways that we’re trying to get involved.”