‘ it was embarrassing!’ Jason Kelce reveals , cries out about recent incident with NFL.. reaction

' it was embarrassing!' Jason Kelce reveals , cries out about recent incident with NFL.. reaction


Despite a 13-year career in the NFL, it appears Jason Kelce was not built for long-distance running… after the recently-retired superstar revealed his 5k run time on his New Heights Podcast.


In the latest episode alongside his brother Travis, Jason opened up on a recent charity run he undertook in Sea Isle City, New Jersey, raising money for autism.

‘I ran/walked a 5k,’ Jason admitted when Travis mentioned him running, before the former Eagles center began to explain the day: ‘We were down there, we have a house down there now, it’s awesome when you take the girls to the beach and let them run.

‘So I tried running it… I had my Monarchs, not the best running shoes. They’re great lawn-mowing shoes, not a 5k shoe. We started off running, and I should’ve known… first of all we were late, so it had already started.

‘We snuck in and went, and as we’re running, we’re passing people and I’m like, “okay we’re doing pretty good here.” I should’ve known at this point, “hey, we need to slow this pace down.” So we’re running and Taylor says every 20 blocks is a mile, she just throws that out there. So I thought that was where we’re at, and I thought, “I’m cruising, I’m nailing this, I think I’m actually going to be able to do this.”

And then after we’re off the promenade boardwalk, and onto the street, I think I’m well past a mile, and they have a line and it says “1 mile”, and I’m just like, “oh my god”, and I know I’ve got to go three plus, and there’s just no way this is happening.’

At that point, Jason admitted that he had to start walking… ‘and then just kept walking’, after he’d ‘used up everything’ to get to that point.

Continuing the story, he adds: ‘It was hard, I’m not built for this. I’m living the story, “The Tortoise and the Hare”, that’s what old people are to me in any conditioning event. I’m going to get tired and they’re going to catch me.

‘I got smoked by everyone, it was embarrassing. Pickleball and 5ks are not something I can compete with old people in.’

And then, to complete the story, Jason revealed his time, announcing that it took him 45 minutes to complete the 5km/3.1mile circuit around New Jersey.

In response, Travis seemed shocked and exclaimed: ‘Jesus! 45 minutes for three miles?’

Despite the slightly-slower-than-average time the former NFL star recorded, it was all for a good cause and raised thousands for autism. Perhaps next year, he’ll try and beat it!