In Photos: Tennis Superstar Venus Williams tie Knot with Boyfriend after 15 years of waiting ‘ congratulations

In Photos: Tennis Superstar Venus Williams tie Knot with Boyfriend after 15 years of waiting ' congratulations


Legendary athlete Venus Williams is commonly regarded as one of the best tennis players of all time. And while she is more than successful on the court, she tends to keep the status of her love life on the down low.


As of right now, she just got married to Nicolas Hammondand. In an June interview with Cosmopolitan, the 43-year-old revealed that she enjoys her freedom and Happy with her lover but both Party Decided to keep their dating profile low and does not let societal pressure to settle down get to her.

Venus claims to be single as of 2023, according to an Instagram Live story. However the Grand-Slam champion has had some steamy long-term relationships in the past both in and out of the media’s eye. Although she was often seen with fellow tennis player Reilly Opeka, she shot down rumors that they were dating in an Instagram story in 2023.


Venus started dating millionaire Nicholas Hammond in 2017. Nicholas is 12 years Venus’ junior, and is an heir to a “vast communications empire,” which included magazines such as TV Guide and Seventeen.

During their two-year relationship, the pair were no strangers to PDA. They attended Venus’ sister Serena‘s wedding together, and were photographed getting cozy while on a dinner date in December of 2017. “She’s head over heels for him” a source told The New York Daily News when he accompanied her to the 2018 Australian Open matches. Although the two just got engaged, Nicholas gave Venus a symbolic “Love ring” to honor their commitment.

When it comes to their split in 2019, Daily Mirror reported that their age difference played a factor. According to the outlet, Venus was ready for a marriage and family, while Nicholas was not on the same page as at 2019..

Both Venus and Hammond now back together and just got married in Canada but decided to keep their wedding party In Secret File off Social media per Daily Mirror
Venus and Hammond recently engage which Both family member are present including Tennis world No 1 Serena Williams but decided not to be filmed.

Venus Williams and Nicholas (Nicky) Hammond had a headline-making relationship that caught the public’s attention back in 2017. For two years, Hammond accompanied Williams to family events, dinner dates, and important matches.

Venus Williams, the esteemed professional tennis player, has had a dynamic dating life that has garnered public attention. Following a period of being single, Williams entered a relationship with Nicholas Hammond, an heir in the publishing industry. However, their relationship reached an unexpected end in 2019, leaving Williams once again single.