“I need a sugar daddy” – Simone Biles cracks fans up with her credit card statement

Simone Biles has been mocked on social media after she tweeted that she ‘needs a sugar daddy’, despite being worth $16 million and having just come back from a lavish bachelorette party in Belize.


The 25-year-old is one of the most successful gymnasts of all time, however, she recently took to Twitter to reveal that she needs some help paying her ‘credit card statement.’

The star athlete called for a ‘sugar daddy’ to pay her bills following her bachelorette bash that saw her and her friends jetting off to Belize before Simone ties the knot with the 27-year-old Houston Texans NFL player Jonathan Owens – who is worth a whopping $7 million.

Simone faced backlash from social media users – with many teasing that she was her ‘own sugar daddy’, referencing the athlete’s mega fortune.

The Tweet read, ‘I just checked my credit card statement, I need a sugar daddy lmao.’

It garnered over 464,000 views and 374 retweets, sending Twitter users into a spin as the bride-to-be requested someone to pay her bills.

One user said: ‘Aren’t you your own sugar daddy by this point?’

Another person wrote: ‘Aren’t you getting married?’

‘You didn’t just marry one or are you the sugar momma?’ said another Twitter user.

‘Aren’t you one?’ joked one person.

Another person questioned: ‘Were you hacked?’

And while many people referenced the star’s large net worth, others took the comment as a chance to compare their own financial situations.

‘When your credit limit is more than my salary… oof lol,’ penned one person.

Another user said: ‘People earning a fraction of what you are worth don’t need to read comments like that Simone!’

‘Now imagine how we’re doing,’ commented another person.

The tweet comes just three weeks after the Olympic Gold medalist had a luxurious bachelorette bash with her closest pals in Belize.

She gave fans an inside look at her party ahead of her wedding to the NFL star.

Simone was ready to celebrate as she documented her ‘bach and boujee’ bash that saw both of her and one of her best pals having a joint pre-wedding party before she ties the knot with the 27-year-old Houston Texans NFL player.

Simone shared a peak at all the fun in her Instagram Story, beginning with a Boomerang of her and friends holding their passports ahead of their international getaway.

Captioning the series of snaps, ‘The one where I’m the bride,’ the gymnast posed beside bridal-themed decorations and goodies, including a sash that read ‘Future Mrs. Owens.’