“From QB to QC (Queen of Controversy): Brittany Mahomes’ Dolphin Swim Sparks PETA Backlash”


Brittany Mahomes, wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, has found herself in the midst of controversy after embarking on a playful encounter with a dolphin during a recent vacation in Hawaii. What was intended as a lighthearted experience quickly drew the ire of animal rights activists, prompting a wave of criticism on social media.


Brittany shared photos of her swim with the marine mammal on Instagram, triggering a storm of negative comments from fans who deemed the activity cruel to the dolphin. Even PETA, the prominent animal rights organization, jumped into the fray, penning a lengthy message on Brittany’s social media page

“We acknowledge your love for companion animals,” read PETA’s statement, “but we implore you to extend your compassion to marine life as well.” The organization emphasized that such interactions could be detrimental to the dolphin’s well-being and raised concerns about the potential risks involved for both humans and animals.

PETA raises concerns about Brittany Mahomes’ photos with a dolphin
In the images posted by Brittany, she can be seen embracing, caressing, and even sharing a kiss with the dolphin. At one point, she even brought her 2-year-old child into the water to partake in the experience alongside the majestic sea creature.

PETA’s note to Brittany sought to convey that these types of encounters are not only perilous but also detrimental to the dolphin’s health. Despite the backlash, Brittany appeared unswayed, captioning her photos with the question, “Ever snuggled a 400lbs dolphin?” accompanied by a heart-eyed emoji.

As of now, Brittany has chosen not to publicly address the controversy surrounding her dolphin swim. It remains to be seen whether she will provide further clarification or engage in a dialogue with the concerned animal rights activists.