Fans Resurface Travis Kelce’s Problematic Comments About Having Kids With Taylor Swift

Fans Resurface Travis Kelce's Problematic Comments About Having Kids With Taylor Swift

As Travis Kelce continues to romance Taylor Swift, fans online are discussing resurfaced comments he made about having kids of his own.


In a February episode of his podcast New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce with his brother Jason Kelce, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, Travis discussed possibly having kids soon while their mother, Donna Kelce, was a guest on the show.

Just ahead of the 2023 Super Bowl, in which Travis and Jason became the first brothers to play against each other in the big game, the two questioned who Donna would be rooting for.

Jason stated, “You’ve said in the past to both of us that you root for me because I’ve given you grandkids,” with the 35-year-old father of three referring to his daughters with wife Kylie McDevitt.

“I’ve always known that you root for Travis. So who do you actually root for? In this one, you have the luxury of rooting for offenses, but if in a battle to the death, me versus Travis, who are you rooting for?” he went on.

As the debate continued, Travis quipped about needing to have kids sooner rather than later to appease his mother, saying, “I gotta start breeding, I gotta start breeding. To all the breeders out there.”

After Jason directed his younger brother to “Wait until you find the right person. Find the right person,” Travis joked, “I’m gonna find a breeder, and I’m gonna get kids so that mom can love me again,” getting another laugh out of his brother.

Now, as Travis gets further involved with Swift, fans are highlighting these comments and debating whether or not he seriously meant them.

One fan wrote on X, “Okay but the breeder comment? Disgusting af I don’t care,” as another replied, “The sentence ‘ I’m gonna find a breeder’ makes me physically cringe 😭.”

While many more felt the same way, others defended Travis, noting that he seemed to be joking in the podcast. In reply to a Buzzfeed post about the comments on the social media site, one wrote, “Let’s not do this. He was clearly joking.”

“Omg people, just chill out… It was a joke… Don’t you think there is more easy way for a good looking nfl player to have kids than to date world famous Taylor who is currently busy as f… . It must be exhausting to have people picking at everything you’ve said…” said someone else.

As the debate goes on, Travis and Swift’s romance continues to heat up, with the two sharing some PDA last week.