Eagles’ Jason Kelce Reveals His Family’s Surprising NFL Allegiances, and Chiefs Fans Won’t Believe It! .

Eagles’ Jason Kelce Reveals His Family's Surprising NFL Allegiances, and Chiefs Fans Won't Believe It! .


Jason Kelce has no problem with his wife, Kylie Kelce, or their three daughters showing support for his brother Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs, as long as their loyalty remains with the Philadelphia Eagles. “Ky, you can wear a Chiefs jersey, we don’t have to be that serious,” Jason, 35, joked during an interview on NFL on NBC on Saturday, October 21. “Maybe just don’t wear it when we’re playing against them this year.”


Jason, a much-loved center for the Philadelphia Eagles since his draft in 2011, is adored by fans. In contrast, Travis, aged 34, joined the Chiefs in 2013 as a tight end. (Due to a rematch from the 2023 Super Bowl, where Travis’ team emerged victorious, the Eagles and the Chiefs are set to compete against each other in November.)

In 2018, Jason tied the knot with Kylie, a fervent Eagles supporter and native Philadelphian.


“I am such a die-hard Eagles fan that if Jason ever decided to play for another team, I would proudly wear his name, but I couldn’t bring myself to wear any other team’s merchandise,” Kylie, 31, humorously commented in Jason’s Kelce documentary, which premiered on Prime Video last month. “I’ve seriously considered this scenario multiple times and it just feels wrong.”

She further expressed, “Of course, I always want Travis to succeed, and obviously I want Jason to do well too. However, I simply cannot go as far as supporting the Chiefs by doing their signature ‘Chiefs chop’ gesture.”

In his NBC Sports interview with Devin McCourty, a retired NFL star, it was mentioned by Jason McCourty, also a professional football player and twin brother to Devin, that his daughters occasionally express support for the Chiefs. Jason acknowledged that his daughters own some Chiefs gear and have worn it before. Although their loyalty primarily lies with the Eagles, they do show some occasional support for the Chiefs.

After watching the game’s conclusion, Wyatt expressed her disappointment to her father in the Kelce documentary, stating that Uncle Travvy was the winner and she did not want him to be.

Wyatt informed her dad in the Kelce documentary after witnessing the conclusion of the game, “You only win if Travvy wins. I didn’t want him to win.” Kylie added that Wyatt made this announcement on the family bus as they left the game, which brought a sense of relief to the gloomy Eagles fans in the crowd.

Jason expressed his joy in witnessing his brother’s victory in the second Super Bowl, and he continues to feel this way.

“He’s so talented, and it’s evident that he excels in football,” remarked Jason on Saturday. “Trav possesses unique qualities, and his demeanor, intelligence, and positive intentions make him enjoyable to be around. I often wish I could emulate Trav in various aspects.