“Don’t Listen to the Haters”: NFL Fans Show Support to Brittany and Patrick Mahomes Following Transformation Outburst

“Don’t Listen to the Haters”: NFL Fans Show Support to Brittany and Patrick Mahomes Following Transformation Outburst


Brittany Mahomes is feeling hot this summer. Or maybe it is just the off-season that has inspired her to do something that reminded us of the Britney Spears era. Well for one, they share the same first name. However, she recently shared pictures from a photoshoot on Instagram a couple of hours ago and it is quickly taking the internet by storm.


Even Patrick Mahomes couldn’t stay away from sharing the photoshoot. Lately, we’ve been seeing the QB’s wife taking on more bold ventures, with her SI photoshoot and now this Instagram post. Safe to say that she is not a typical NFL mom anymore. The set of 6 photos has grabbed everybody’s attention.

Patrick Mahomes shows support to wife Brittany

The Chiefs QB took to Instagram to give his wife a shoutout as she did a stunning photoshoot and posted it on his IG Story. Mahomes’ message in the story was a simple heart emoji, emphasizing his love for the wife, who is also lowkey an IG model. As many as 2 million of Brittany’s followers got to see the stunning photoshoot. Also, there’s something new about Brittany. Notice that she changed her hair color from blonde to a darker shade of red.

She captioned her recent Instagram post, “Feeling spicy🔥🌶️🤭,” and the photos are exactly that, “spicy.” The first photo shows her taking a typical messy hair photo as she shows off the ring and the bracelet. She has her hair tied in the next photo as she flaunts a Cuban link chain and a big ring. She’s seen posing with a huge smile as she wears a swimsuit and a couple of other pieces of jewelry.

The next couple of photos show her playing with her hair as she rocks the same pieces of jewelry and a new pair of jeans. The last photo, again, has her in a swimsuit and all the jewels. The comment section of the IG post is full of praises like, “WAIT WHO IS SHE😍🔥.” But there was one comment that said, “😍😍 Please tell me there is video footage of Ster and Bronze’s reactions to this!!!” to which she replied, “ok surprising Sterling loves it! Bronze not so much😂😂” Another comment read, “Leave em on Red”

Also, a week ago, the Mahomes family had the cutest photoshoot ever.

Mahomes family shares their wholesome moments
The QB’s family had the cutest photoshoot recently. The theme of the photoshoot; a white tee and blue denim. We can see Brittany Mahomes and the kids smiling for the camera. The next photo shows the QB holding his children as everyone looks at the camera and smiles. Bronze is holding a miniature football, which fits his hands surprisingly well.

The next photo shows an adorable Sterling holding Bronze’s hands as if she’s guiding him somewhere. The next two photos in the sequence are candid photos of the children. Also, one of the pictures shows Sterling playing with a bubble gun. The photographer does an amazing job focusing on the bubbles yet keeping the mother and children as the subject of the image.

From family time to spicy photos, things changed pretty quickly. What do you think we’ll see next?