Coco Gauff Reveals When she will Retire from playing and Marriage Age

Coco Gauff Reveals When she will Retire from playing and Marriage Age


The American is coming off an incredible 2023 season where she won the three biggest titles of her career as she won her maiden WTA 500 event at the Citi Open and followed it up with her first-ever WTA 1000 trophy at the Cincinnati Open before completing the hat-trick with her first Grand Slam at the US Open.


The 20-year-old no still wants to add to her Grand Slam tally, but there is one event that is pretty high on her list of things to achieve.

“I think, obviously I want to win this [Indian Wells] tournament, I’m playing in it. But I will say, yeah, it’s definitely one of the tournaments I want to win at least once in my career. Hopefully it can be now. I feel pretty good about my chances,” she said.

“Obviously Miami being a home tournament, that would be a dream to win, as well.

“Where does it rank? I don’t know what the ranking is. Every Slam would be ranked before this. But I would say out of the 1000s, probably the second.

“I would say Miami is just going to be No 1 just from being there, and I would say this is No 2 out of the 1000s or any other tournament on tour. Yeah, I would say this is No 2 besides the Slams.”

Gauff turned 20 on Wednesday and she celebrated her birthday with a brilliant display against Elise Mertens as she won 6-0, 6-2 to secure her place in the quarter-finals of the Indian Wells Open.

Asked for her goals – on and off the court – in her 20s, she replied: “I guess tennis goals, definitely to win some more Slams, and I want to medal at this Olympics or 2028. That would be cool.

“Then life goals, honestly, I haven’t thought that far. Yeah, I mean, I’m not trying to do anything, I’m not trying to get married or anything (smiling). Definitely no kids.

“Just tennis right now and we’ll see where life takes me off the court.”

There was also a moment of reflection when Gauff was asked about the unique situation she finds herself in at the age of 20 as she is one of the best tennis players in the world.

When asked if she ever steps back and asks ‘Why me?’, she replied: “I definitely do recognise the uniqueness of it. It is a contrast of why me and also the work that I put in. I mean, honestly it’s, like, I don’t think it’s solely because of work, because a lot of people work hard.

“Some people, I don’t know, just – I’m lucky that I was born with a great athletic ability, which kind of helps me. I also was born with a work ethic and learned how to work hard and can enjoy working hard.

“It is sometimes, like, Why me? Because again, on tour, and even when I was playing like 25s and you just see girls are really working hard, it’s not like they’re not working hard but they just can’t get it. Not that I say I have it all figured out, because I don’t, but I am very blessed to be in the position I am in.

“I guess everything with off-court, that’s definitely more the ‘why me’ part. Because winning was always something I just envisioned myself doing, just because that’s just what every tennis player envisions.

“Definitely the off-court stuff when it comes to the covers and the attention from other celebrities or just people in general, it is kind of like, I don’t know why people gravitate to me so much, but I definitely do appreciate it and it makes me feel loved and I hope I can make other people feel the same way.”