Breaking news : Kansas City Chiefs trading Chris Jones to Chicago Bears

Breaking news : Kansas City Chiefs trading Chris Jones to Chicago Bears


As they look to tweak the roster for another Super Bowl run, the Kansas City Chiefs are considering a wide range of possibilities and that might even include trading Chris Jones.


Even though the defensive tackle is well-liked and extremely productive, the Chiefs showed with the Tyreek Hill operation last year that they aren’t afraid to move on anyone not named Patrick Mahomes, so long as the price is right.

Having just turned 29 years of age, Jones may already be past his prime and the Chiefs could expect a large haul of draft picks if they do trade the defensive star.

So, who might the Super Bowl champions trade with if they do decide to let Jones go, instead of signing him to a major contract extension?

Chicago and Detroit are possible destinations for Jones
In terms of possible Chris Jones landing spots, the Chicago Bears stand out as one option given how much salary cap space they have this year and next.

Plus, the Bears’ GM Ryan Poles has Kansas City connections and was at Arrowhead when Jones was drafted in 2016.

Another option might be the Detroit Lions, who are looking to make a major leap forward this year and who want to do so with elite play on the defensive side of the ball.

Given that the Lions have a lot of draft capital and don’t necessarily need a lot of picks for the next few years, they might be able to offer the Chiefs a package that would be too good to turn down.

It should also be noted that both Chicago and Detroit are NFC teams, meaning the Chiefs wouldn’t have to worry about facing Jones in the playoffs.

Still, that didn’t put them off dealing Hill to the Miami Dolphins last season, so anything is possible.