Breaking news : Jason Kelce In Trouble, wife might divorce him over a Long-time shocking secrets was revealed

Breaking news : Jason Kelce In Trouble, wife might divorce him over a Long-time shocking secrets was revealed


Jason Kelce faced the wrath of his wife, Kylie, after ripping off his shirt and jumping into the crowd during the Chiefs’ win against Buffalo, as Patrick Mahomes’ dad was forced to play messenger and relay the message to ‘get his a** back’ in the VIP suite.


Viral footage on X, formerly Twitter, shows the 36-year-old Eagles center interacting with fans of both teams involved in Sunday’s contest, while wearing nothing but a Chiefs beanie and sweatpants, as he battled 20-25 degrees Fahrenheit weather at Highmark Stadium.

‘Jason!’ a fan yelled among a flock of them surrounding the Chiefs’ VIP box, which Taylor Swift was a part of.

‘Hey, Kylie said get your a** back in here,’ then said Mahomes’ father, Pat, while he stood on the edge of the window.

Fans hailed Jason’s appearance in Orchard Park, New York, this weekend, after he lifted up a young girl to help show Taylor her homemade sign, at one point during Sunday’s game.

What’s more is that, Jason who teased rumors of retirement last week, even showed up to a Bills tailgate before the intense AFC Divisional game – as he downed drinks in front of fans in a parking lot.

The dad of three then stripped-down and celebrated – despite freezing conditions this weekend in Buffalo – after Travis, his younger brother by two years, was on the receiving end of a 22-yard touchdown in the second quarter.

All the while, Kylie remained unfazed by her husband’s behavior. His mom Donna erupted in laughter, and was seen pointing at Jason going wild.

Jason was said to have an awkward relationship with Taylor before this weekend’s game but interacted with the pop icon aplenty on Sunday, and even made her laugh with his antics.

When he found out of his brother’s celebration in the Chiefs’ VIP suite, postgame, Travis said: ‘My brother was shirtless?! I love that guy!’

Swift entering the Kelce family’s orbit has skyrocketed Jason and Travis’ popularity well beyond the gridiron, as both were already first-ballot future Hall of Famers before being mentioned in the same sentence as the 12-time Grammy winner.