BREAKING : After 8 year’s Jason Kelce and wife Kylie ‘about to go separate directions’ in big parts of life after recent outrageous act

BREAKING : After 8 year's Jason Kelce and wife Kylie ‘about to go separate directions' in big parts of life after recent incident 


Jason Kelce and wife Kylie may pursure separate careers in a bid to rehabilitate their brand after their “explosive” Oprah Winfrey interview, Netflix documentary . Russell Myers said whereas in the past everyone wanted “a piece of Jason and Kylie” as a couple, there are signs they will work on projects individually.


The Daily Mirror’s royal editor told Sky News Australia: “kylie has apparently signed this deal with a talent agency on her own.  Jason and wife’. Everybody wanted a piece of them together.


“And now that brand has sort of been watered down, hasn’t it? Because there has been an awful lot of toxicity with their dealings between them . What does it mean for them moving forward?

“I definitely think they will want to take stock of the last couple of years. Maybe take their foot off the gas and work out what their brand means for longevity purposes and maybe that means going in separate directions will be the best thing for them.”