Beer buddies! Taylor Swift and BFF Karlie Kloss throw back cold ones while sitting front row at the Knicks game As Travis kelce mom Donna warns her to stop taking beer due to future pregnancy

Beer buddies! Taylor Swift and BFF Karlie Kloss throw back cold ones while sitting front row at the Knicks game As Travis kelce mom Donna warns her to stop taking beer


She is currently promoting her new pop crossover album 1989 as well as preparing to go on a world tour.


NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER 29: Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift attend the Chicago Bulls vs New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden on October 29, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

But despite her hectic schedule, Taylor Swift found time to unwind by throwing back beers with her supermodel bestie Karlie Kloss.

On Wednesday evening, the singer was seen taking the gorgeous Victoria’s Secret star as her date to the Knicks game at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Both were casually dressed for once, with Karlie clad in the extra-long flares she designed for her Forever Karlie range for Frame Denim.

Interestingly, Taylor – who was recently named the Global Welcome Ambassador to the Big Apple – had just been gushing about her celebrity pals earlier that day.

‘I look for people who really have their own passion in life,’ the 24-year-old said during an appearance on The View on Wednesday to promote her new album 1989. ‘My friends, they all are chasing their own dreams, and they all have their own ambitions.’

The pop singer, who counts stars like Lena Dunham and Karlie Kloss among her close friends, said she looks for people ‘who really have their own passion in life.’

You’re supposed to surround yourself with people who challenge you and motivate you and make you want to be smarter, stronger, better,’ she said. ‘So that’s what my friends do for me and I’m so happy to have so many good ones right now.’

She added: ‘Lena [Dunham] and I relate because we’re writers first and foremost and because we’re super enthusiastic about everything. When you first meet her she’s acting like you’re a long-lost friend and that’s what’s so amazing about her.’

Taylor’s new album dropped just before midnight on Sunday and is already topping the charts.

The former country star opened up about the record, which has been described by some reviewers as a ‘pop tour de force’.

‘I knew I wanted to change the way I did things creatively,’ she said. ‘I wanted to keep people on their toes.’

When asked why she always expresses surprise at her success or when winning awards, Taylor said it’s part of her winning strategy.

‘I don’t ever want to be presumptuous about doing well because then you might not work as hard at creating it,’ she said. ‘So i keep a nice healthy level of insecurity going at all times.’

Taylor, who was named New York City’s Welcome Ambassador For Tourism earlier this week, gushed about her adopted home.

I love it here, I love it so much,’ she said about New York.

‘I don’t think I told anybody this before, but the fans were wonderful enough to make it No. 1 on iTunes. It’s selling really well — which is good, because I’m donating all of my proceeds to New York City public schools.’

It was also announced this week that she will be the headliner for New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, the annual countdown show hosted by Ryan Seacrest.

The show plans some 38 musical performances over five and a half hours on the air. No other musical acts have been announced yet.