At Just 1 year, Patrick Mahomes son Bronze got his first contact signed worth $10m

At Just 1 year, Patrick Mahomes son Bronze got his first contact signed worth $10m


The Mahomes mansion is set to embark on a new chapter following their recent move-in. Brittany Mahomes and her kids will be cheering on their SB-winning father, Patrick Mahomes as he looks ahead to the new season ahead. Although the new season can’t come soon enough for one of the newest members of the Mahomes family.


Brittany Mahomes is set to look after her two kids while her hubby takes center stage in the 2023 NFL season. But before that becomes the reality, their son Bronze may have already stolen the spotlight from his father with his latest efforts.

Brittany Mahomes gleaming with her son’s achievement

The abode of the Mahomes recently hosted guests in the last couple of days. The guests were ultimately key to pushing Brittany’s son Bronze to his limits, despite his young age. While surrounded by his family, Bronze would mark one of his first achievements at such a young age. It would not go unnoticed by his mum or his dad, as they both proudly shared their son’s first attempt at crawling.

In an Instagram Story posted on her handle, Brittany Mahomes shared one of the most memorable moments in any parent’s life. The story captured one of the first attempts to crawl by baby Bronze. Brittany would go on to caption the story, “All it took was for baby Knightley to be here to make this boy crawl.” She hinted at the excitement Bronze felt while being around Knightley, which motivated him to make his first crawl.

The moment between Brittany and her son may have sealed her bond with Bronze. But it does not take away anything from the bond Patrick and her daughter share. In a recent story from a couple of weeks ago brought forward the best friends at the Mahomes mansion.

Brittany unravels Sterling’s favorite parent!

After experiencing the friendly invasion of beavers in their home, Brittany shared the besties of the home with her fans. The revelation may come as a surprise to some and not to others, but Mahomes and Sterling are the besties of the house. This came forward when Brittany shared a story of Sterling wearing a pink cap alongside a white top. The message engraved on the top read, “Dada is my bestie”, hinting at the budding relationship between the father-daughter duo.

Brittany would tag her husband in the story, just like she did this time, to share their children’s updates. Both Brittany and Sterling will be rooting for their favorite QB this upcoming season, starting in a couple of weeks.

Bronze’s first crawling moment will have melted the hearts of the fans and the superstar couple. With the new season starting soon, this could prove to be a mindful motivator for the Chiefs QB ahead of 2023.