After Going Viral for Doing Almost Nothing During Delivery, Eagles Captain Jason Kelce Really “Lucked Out” When Comes to Baby Kelce’s Dad Like Habit

After Going Viral for Doing Almost Nothing During Delivery, Eagles Captain Jason Kelce Really “Lucked Out” When Comes to Baby Kelce’s Dad Like Habit


Apart from being the center of the Philadelphia Eagles, Jason Kelce is also quite the family man. The 35-year-old elder brother of 2X Super Bowl winner Travis Kelce married his wife Kylie on April 2018. But the duo officially first met each other on Tinder, after which they made their relationship official on social media in 2015. And ever since, she has been an indispensable part of Jason Kelce’s journey both in his personal life and his NFL career.


Just days after the Super Bowl LVII, when the Kelce brothers faced each other, the Eagles center and his wife announced the latest addition to their family. It was the birth of their third daughter, Bennett Llewellyn Kelce, who was born on February 23. His wife also recently exposed the NFL star’s help during her labor with Baby Bennett, which did not hilariously scream MVP behavior. And recently, Jason Kelce opened up about a particular habit of their newborn that she and his wife are kind of happy about at the moment.

Baby Bennett loves her beauty sleep

In a recent article by the PEOPLE, they interviewed Jason Kelce during the shooting of his new Campbell’s Chunky commercial. During the interview, they asked the 35-year-old about how baby Bennett really enjoys sleeping throughout the day. Answering this question, both Jason and his wife were initially concerned, stating that they “brought her to a doctor to make sure her sleeping habits are normal.”

The Eagles center further said that this habit of Baby Bennett has helped the family of five go about their day “really, really easy.” He said he and Kylie have “really lucked out” with this particular trait of their newborn daughter, who is just three months old. But Jason Kelce also understands that things will “get really difficult” once she learns how to walk and move around on her own. While the 35-year-old still has a busy schedule with his NFL career, he still loves being a dad to his three wonderful daughters.

The family of Jason Kelce
Apart from his wife Kylie, the Eagles Center is the dad of three daughters, Wyatt Elizabeth, Elliotte Ray, and Bennett Llewellyn. Their first daughter, Wyatt Elizabeth, was born in 2019. And Wyatt made her first NFL appearance during the Dallas Cowboys game in December of that year. Then in 2021, they announced the birth of their second daughter Elliotte Ray. The family dressed up in Winnie the Pooh attires for Halloween 2022, which went viral on social media.

Then, during the Super Bowl LVII, Kylie was 38 weeks pregnant with their third daughter, who was then born just a few days after Jason Kelce lost to his younger brother and the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl finals. During an episode of the New Heights Podcast, the brother talked about the inspiration behind Baby Bennett’s name, stating that it was the maiden name of their late grandmother. While Jason Kelce continues to create beautiful memories with his family, he will also be looking forward to a Super Bowl redemption arc in the new season of the NFL. With the birth of Baby Bennett, could this bring luck on his road to winning a Super Bowl in the 2023 season?