Travis Kelce’s Mom Donna reveals Five Unique thing about Taylor Swift’s relationship with her son Travis ” Like a Flame “

Travis Kelce's Mom Donna reveals Five Unique thing about Taylor Swift's relationship with her son Travis


Donna Kelce is confident Travis Kelce will relish the limelight that comes with dating Taylor Swift but hinted the fame and attention is not completely to her own taste.


Kelce, 71, has endeared herself to millions of fans across the United States this year – firstly when her sons Travis and Jason played against each other in the Super Bowl and she wore a 50-50 jersey to support them both.

But as the new season got going, Travis’s romance with the biggest star has propelled Donna back into the limelight with Swift joining her in Kelce’s suit at Arrowhead Stadium to see the Chiefs play.

Speaking to ABC about how her son deals with his elevated level of fame, she said: ‘It’s his choice to do what he wants to do and as long as he can handle it, I don’t have any problems with it. She’s a very, very nice person,

‘Travis is embracing as much as he can, so I think it’s ok. He’ll be good at it, he likes attention. He’ll be fine.

Reflecting on her own inadvertent rise to fame as a result of her sons and Taylor, she said: ‘No, I never could have imagined this, not without them that’s for sure.

I think it’s one of those things in life that just somehow, things happens and then exponentially they just grow. This year it has been one week after another after another and it just seems like it is never going to stop.’

Kylie Kelce, wife of Travis’s brother Jason, opened up on what it was like for her marrying into what has become one of America’s most famous families.

‘I was on the outside at the beginning and I married in, I was welcomed in with open arms,’ she said.

‘They are very small family so it is a little bit of an adjustment but it feels so warm and inviting like a big family feels. It was sort of second nature. it is as fun as you’d think it is.’

Kylie and Jason met on Tinder, as she hilariously revealed to Amazon Prime earlier this year.

‘Jason won’t let me lie about this – we met on Tinder. None of his pictures showed Eagles football,’ she said – with some of her friends thinking it was a catfish account.