Travis Kelce Shines As ‘Uncle Trav’ While Talking To His Nieces On Podcast

Travis Kelce Shines As 'Uncle Trav' While Talking To His Nieces On Podcast


To the world, Travis Kelce is one of the best tight ends in the NFL and the rumored boyfriend of Taylor Swift.


To Jason Kelce’s three daughters, he’s Uncle Trav.

In a recent episode of Travis and Jason Kelce’s “New Heights” podcast, in which the NFL brothers discuss football, family and more, Jason Kelce’s daughter Wyatt asks to say hi to her uncle.

“Hi, Uncle Trav,” the 4-year-old says once she gets in front of the microphone.

“What’s up, girly?” Travis Kelce says in response. “How you doing?”


“How was gymnastics?” Travis Kelce asks before Jason Kelce encourages Wyatt to share what she’s wearing.

“A leotard!” Wyatt enthusiastically shares.

“Ooo, very nicely said,” Travis Kelce responds to his niece before asking about the shoes she sported at the Philadelphia Eagles game against the Los Angeles Rams. Jason Kelce is a center for the Eagles.

“How about those pink shoes from the game? That was fun, huh?

“Yeah,” Wyatt responds. She then hands the spotlight over to her sister Elliotte but not before saying goodbye to her uncle.

“She’s so adorable,” Travis Kelce says before greeting 2-year-old Elliotte. The toddler showed off her “movie star” glasses before running off to the shower.

Read on to learn more about Jason Kelce and wife Kylie Kelce’s three kids.

Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce

On Oct. 2, 2019, the Kelces welcomed their first child, daughter Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce.

Two months after she was born, Kylie took her to an Eagles game to watch her dad play. On Instagram, she said, “Wyatt got to experience her first Dallas sucks chant yesterday… it was a proud mom moment. 🦅.”

By 2023, Wyatt appeared to love the team even more. In January, Kelce shared a cute video of his daughter singing an Eagles chant at home in her bed.

“Apparently Wyatt is pretty pumped about the Eagles win last night too,” he wrote. “Woke up to her singing the entire fight song this morning in her crib.”

“So cute!!! What a little doll!” one person commented.

Then, in February, Wyatt was spotted at another Eagles game. But this time, she was cheering on her father at the Super Bowl while his team took on the Kansas City Chiefs. While the Eagles didn’t win, Wyatt still appeared to have a good time at the game.

In a video that Kylie posted of Wyatt at the game, you can see Wyatt standing up in the crowd and dancing along to Rihanna’s amazing halftime performance.

When someone told Wyatt that she did a “good” job dancing, Wyatt then happily turned towards the person off-camera and nodded her head yes.

For Wyatt’s fourth birthday, her parents threw her a mermaid-themed party. To commemorate the occasion, Kylie shared pics of the moment on Instagram and said, their daughter is becoming one “sassy, opinionated, sweet, empathetic, and intelligent” kid.

Elliotte Ray Kelce

On March 4, 2021, the Kelces welcomed their second child, daughter Elliotte, into the world.

In September 2020, Kylie revealed she was pregnant with her little girl when she shared a photo of Wyatt holding an apple in her hands.

“Another apple joining the Kelce family tree,” she wrote on Instagram.

When Elliotte arrived, Kelce announced the birth by sharing a picture of her baby girl wrapped up in a blanket.

In another post, Kylie shared a picture of Elliotte smiling on Instagram and said she was “the best thing to come out of 2021.”

For Elliotte’s second birthday, her mom shared a cute video of Elliotte seeing her father’s face on a t-shirt that was hanging up in a store.

“That’s da da,” Elliotte adorably said in the clip.

Bennett Llewellyn Kelce

On Feb. 23, 2023, the Kelces welcomed their third daughter, Bennett, into the world.

According to Kylie, Bennett was “8lbs. 5oz. and 21 inches long” at the time of her birth.

When Bennett arrived, Kylie shared a picture of the little girl sleeping in a floral outfit.

“Yesterday little lady #3 joined us,” she wrote on Instagram.

Like her older sisters, Bennett is growing up to be an Eagles fan. In October 2023, she went to her first Eagles game with her family and was dressed in a cute Eagles T-shirt.