Taylor Swift And Her Team Banned A Major TV Network’s Request To Play Her Music, And It Was All Because Of Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift And Her Team Banned A Major TV Network's Request To Play Her Music, And It Was All Because Of Travis Kelce


Nowadays, Taylor Swift is on top of the music world. She’s adding to her $1.1 billion net worth, and success continues to follow the artist. Heck, she once made $84K a week on Spotify for a single song, but still, Taylor and her team decided to pull the song off of the platform. If it doesn’t make sense for her brand, Taylor won’t hesitate to make a bold decision.

That held true after FOX made a request for Swift’s music. We’re going to reveal why her team said no, along with other situations that saw a ban in place for Swift and her team.


Taylor Swift’s Team Rejected FOX’s Request To Play Her Music During The Chiefs’ Football Game
Everyone wants a piece of Taylor Swift, and that includes NFL broadcasts, which are already watched by millions of fans. However, with the association of Travis Kelce, networks are trying to capitalize as best they can. Though Taylor Swift’s team isn’t willing to profit, or go along with this tactic. Swift’s team banned Fox from playing her music during Travis Kelce’s NFL game.

A producer for the network claims a pitch was made prior to a Chiefs game, but Swift and her team had strict rules about playing her music around Travis Kelce’s career.

The Independent reveals, “Writing on the Fox Sports blog, lead producer Richie Zyontz explained that the team had heard rumours about the potential relationship earlier in the week and had subsequently “sought permission to use some of Swift’s music” in their broadcast.”

“Not a chance,” Zyontz wrote. “Per the Fox music department, Swift’s record label and publishing company denied our request ‘in conjunction with speculations on or about her private/personal/dating life’.”

Swift’s team was contacted for a statement regarding the matter but did not issue a response. Clearly, Taylor’s team has strict policies over the use of her music, and playing it in such an atmosphere just doesn’t seem to be a fit for Swift.

On The Flip Side, Taylor Swift Saw A Certain NFL Ritual Get Banned At Her Concert
It seems like there were a couple of rules in certain venues during the Taylor Swift Era’s Tour. Levi’s Stadium had to reverse a ban of friendship bracelets. According to CBS News, the venue banned them, and this did not sit well with the fans. According to the arena policy, it was viewed as a danger as fans could throw bracelets on stage. However, ultimately the rule was deemed as extreme, and was reverse.

An NFL ritual of tailgating was also banned, but this rule was not lifted.

CBS News explains, “Levi’s Stadium banned the bracelets in the venue amid incidents of artists being hit by objects thrown by fans. The venue has also prohibited tailgating. But Crook says either issue has been problematic at the tour thus far, and therefor shouldn’t be restricted in Santa Clara.”

“In a statement Friday, Levi’s Stadium reversed the policy and said it will allow friendship bracelets into the venue, adding they “are enchanted to see you one week from today.”

However, it seems like one ban in particular stayed in place, and it is unlike the atmosphere of an NFL game. Tailgating was forbidden before Swift’s concert.

“The venue, however, is standing firm on its no tailgating policy for both nights of the Eras tour but it comes with concern among concert goers who plan to be at the venue for about eight hours total. Many fans have made a habit of gathering around 3pm, three hours before the start of the opening act, while Taylor Swift’s set is projected to end around 11pm.”

This proved to be a minor issue for Swift and her team, as they had dealt with other difficulties in the past.

Taylor Swift Also Had Issues With Her Label Blocking Certain Performances
Taylor Swift has faced other bans throughout her career. This particular ban was unclear, according to reports, Swift’s label was blocking her from playing certain songs. Taylor’s army was none too pleased with the headline. However, the likes of Scootber Braun and Scott Borchetta were quick to turn down the rumors.

“Taylor Swift’s former record label has denied the singer’s allegations that it has blocked her from performing material that she recorded for the label at the upcoming American music awards, and that it is preventing the release of a planned Netflix documentary. Swift made the allegations in a tweet posted on 14 November, imploring fans to make their feelings known to Big Machine Label Group executives Scott Borchetta and Scooter Braun.”

Ultimately, Taylor Swift was able to recreate her classic songs and get the rights back. Her team has made bold decisions in the past, but it has all worked out with Swift’s net worth surpassing the $1 billion mark.