Simone Biles ‘Broke Down’ Amid Backlash From Her Hubby’s ‘Viral The Catch’ Comments: ‘Why Are You Guys Talking About My Husband Like This?!’

Simone Biles ‘Broke Down’ Amid Backlash From Her Hubby’s ‘Viral The Catch’ Comments: ‘Why Are You Guys Talking About My Husband Like This?!’


Simone Biles is opening up about her feelings following the public’s unsavory comments about her husband, Jonathan Owens.


Unless you’re a football fan, you probably got to know NFL Safety Jonathan Owens via his relationship with the most decorated gymnast in history, Simone Biles.

Sadly, their relationship got the most publicity after Owens appeared on The Pivot podcast last year when he implied that he was “the catch” in their relationship and claimed had no idea who his Olympic gold medalist wife was before they started dating.

Fans immediately came to Biles’ defense, digging up the footballer’s old tweets in which he talked about watching Olympic gymnastics and called his bluff. Still, throughout the ordeal, Simone repeatedly stood by her husband’s side, insisting he was the catch he claimed to be.

Now, months later, the Olympic gold medalist stopped by the Call Her Daddy podcast to talk more about Owens’ controversial interview.

According to Biles, the viral clips from the conversation were taken out of context, insisting she was “in the room” for the whole interview and was “feeling great” at the moment.

“I was like, ‘My man just killed that,’” she said of her thoughts after recording the podcast.

But, once the episode dropped, Biles realized that her fans felt a lot differently, with many reaching out to tell her to file for divorce.

“So, whenever he did that interview, I thought everything was OK. And then I go on Twitter, and everybody’s like, divorce this man, he’s mean,” Simone said. “I’m like, he’s the sweetest. He praises the ground that I walk on. Truly, I’ve never met a man like him.”

Biles went on to say that the public misinterpreted his words when it came to calling himself the “catch” in the relationship.

“He never said I wasn’t a catch. He said he was a catch because he is,” she recalled. “I’ve never met a man like him. A lot of people that meet him are like, ‘Oh my gosh, I want a man like that.”

While Biles said she found the whole controversy to be “hilarious,” she did admit that the backlash did eventually get to her more seriously.

“So I thought it was hilarious at first and then they hurt my feelings,” she said. “One night, I broke down and I’m like, why are you guys talking about my husband like this? You don’t know him, you don’t know who he is, and if anybody’s met him, they know he’s the sweetest guy and will do anything for anybody.”

“So, that really hurt that they were talking about my husband like that because for me,” Biles continued. “It’s like, talk about me all you want, but don’t come from my family. Never.”