” She’s the worst Heartbreaker , Taylor swift has the ability to use men to achieve her aim ‘ I’m SAD to announce that she’s not genuinely in love with Travis Kelce ” Jennifer Lopez unveils shocking Taylor’s main Plan


Aviral video posted on Tik Tok is under the spotlight after some claimed Travis Kelce whispers something to Taylor Swift just as a camera is about to record them as they were celebrating the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory in Super Bowl 58.

While many fans and Swifties are convinced that the love between Travis and Taylor is real, there are some who believe and have accused the couple of faking the relationship to suit their interests and have used this video as an argument for their claims.


The less than 20-second video has more than 14 million views, the clip shows the couple in a Las Vegas nightclub having a good time, singing and dancing.

The Tik Tok account ‘swiftieblues’ clarified that it did not make the video, that it only reposted it and asked users to carefully analyze the images without paying attention to the subtitles and give their opinion on it.

Reactions were mixed, with some people convinced that Taylor and Travis’ romance is a PR relationship, while others are thrilled with the relationship because they see love in the air.

Since they began their relationship, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have been making headlines when she attends Chiefs games to watch Travis play, as well as the times Kelce has been able to attend Swift’s concerts to enjoy her voice and admire her on stage.

Only Travis and Taylor’s actions over time will prove right those who don’t believe in their love or those who revere their relationship. What do you think?