Patrick Mahomes stopped just before filming a beer comercial to avoid fines and NFL already Sad with him over 3 things

Patrick Mahomes stopped just before filming a beer comercial to avoid fines


Patrick Mahomes is one of the most popular athletes on planet Earth and with that said, he is getting a lot of advertising for him. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback inked a deal to do film another commercial for Coors Light, but this one won’t be on television until it is time to air it.


The new advertisement takes the Kansas City star on a high-stake missions riding on top of the brand’s train, something we’ve accustomed to see considering that is the signature trademark for the company. However, the three-time Super Bowl champion will have to wait; as he was getting set to film the commercial, he producer suddenly interrupts him and stops all production as he reminds Mahomes of his actual contract restrictions

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Because of NFL rules that prohibit players from endorsing alcoholic beverages nobody will be able to see Patrick Mahomes until these rules change. Many have opted to not even engage with a brewing company in the past however this time, the actual commercial is that it seemed that Patrick will Holmes was not aware of this situation and producers and agents ultimately let him know seconds before they started shooting.

Will someone be able to see it soon?
The best part of this is that Coors Light will host a live event showing the burying of a capsule where the actual commercial is. This can be seen on a live stream on YouTube on Friday June 28th.

Coors Light also made a bobblehead of Patrick Mahomes, which is a pixeled figurine that cleverly hides his identity, as it all proceeds from the figures that Mahomes and the “My Homies Foundation” have something to do with this project.

This is not the first time that Patrick Mahomes has been in a situation where he needs to work around it to get it done; earlier this year, the Chiefs quarterback embraced that but when he partnered with Coors Light to create a limited edition t-shirt the shirt displays the text “Dad Bud” on the front and the other features “here’s my six pack” across the top.