NFL World Saddened By Patrick Mahomes Family News

NFL World Saddened By Patrick Mahomes Family News


Patrick Mahomes is one of the most likable players in recent NFL history.


The Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback has already won two Super Bowls. He’s one of the most fun players to watch in the entire league.

Unfortunately, his family is a different story.

Both Mahomes’ wife, Brittany, and brother, Jackson, have faced scrutiny off the field for drawing attention to themselves.

This weekend, things took an unfortunate, serious turn. Jackson Mahomes is being investigated for assault.

It’s a sad development.

“When you are happy for Jackson Mahomes’ downfall but sad someone had to be the victim of this,” one fan wrote.

“People are literally going out and defending Jackson Mahomes. What a sad world we live in,” one fan added.

Hopefully, Patrick Mahomes won’t be affected by his family’s off-the-field problems.

Jackson Mahomes is denying any wrongdoing, though, according to his lawyer.