NFL Sends a Bold Message To Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

NFL Sends a Bold Message To Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce


There has been no shortage of fan theories since Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce went public with their relationship. But a recent photo from the Kansas City Chiefs-vs.-Philadelphia Eagles matchup on Monday, Nov. 20, prompted a bold predication about the power couple’s fate.


“Watch out, Swifties,” warned one TikTok user who shared the photo in question. “Monday Night Football predicts Kelce hurts Swift.”

The screenshot shows Kelce’s brother, Eagles center Jason Kelce, Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, and Eagles running back D’Andre Swift lined up on the field in a row—with the backs of their jerseys reading, “Kelce Hurts Swift.”

Folks in the comments were amused with the coincidental but bold message.

One TikTok user pointed out it could also read, “Swift Hurts Kelce.”

Another commented a more suggestive interpretation, “Or it could read ‘Kelce’s Johnson hurts Swift,'” referencing Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson also appearing in the photo.

Over on X (formerly Twitter), someone else wrote, “Can’t wait for this song. For sure will be a banger.”

Celebrities and regular folks alike have weighed in on Kelce and Swift’s romance. Recently, The View co-hosts shared the “red flags” they’ve spotted.

“Some of the things he said raised some red flags for me,” Sunny Hostin said on the Tuesday, Nov. 21 episode of The View. “He said, ‘The biggest thing to me: Make sure I don’t say anything that would push Taylor away.’ What is he hiding then?”

Meanwhile, Sara Haines insisted: “The red flag for me was when he admitted to thinking about retirement. And the quote was: ‘He confesses he thinks about it nonstop more than anyone could ever imagine.'”

Whether or not the Monday Night Football “predication” plays out in the end, the coincidental message is certainly entertaining.