News now : Serena Williams dewy-eyed, caught husband Alexis cheating on their matrimonial bed with her sister Venus Williams ” I couldn’t believe she could do this to me “

News now : Serena Williams dewy-eyed, caught husband Alexis cheating on their matrimonial bed with a model from Russia; she's definitely going for a divorce

Taco Tuesdays, fun games, and adventure parks: Alexis Ohanian has quite a lot of fun parenting rituals. But his wife, Serena Williams, threw a challenge at him. Apparently, Williams took to her Instagram story to share an interesting clip from another page, highlighting a life hack that might be quite handy for the former Reddit founder.

In the clip, one can spot two kids trying their hands at baseball while their father sits on a chair without moving an inch. Upon scrutiny, it can seen that the father attached the ball to a fishing hook so that it doesn’t go too far for him to retrieve it. The video was accompanied by captions that read,

“I am so ashamed I didn’t think of this! #genius” and “This dad wins at parenting.”

Serena, quite regular on social media, couldn’t help but be charmed by the trick. Sharing this clip on her story, Williams tagged her husband Alexis Ohanian, and wrote,

Now, the Williams-Ohanian family takes great care of their children. While we await Ohanian to follow up on the IG story challenge issued by the Olympic gold medalist and WTA star, let’s recall the moments when Serena Williams, a 23x Grand Slam winner, the sole record holder by any woman in the Open era and one shy of the all-time record, took charge of teaching her favorite sport to little Olympia. Interestingly, their older daughter wasn’t all that keen about it, but daddy Ohanian came to the rescue.

Millionaire father has his role on the tennis court defined!

On Olympia’s Instagram profile last year, fans spotted a photo of the six-year-old girl trying her backhand, with a caption, “Papa is my ballboy.” Ohanian assisted his daughter in the session, trying to pique her interest in the sport. Learning how to play tennis… Wasn’t it a long time coming, considering how Serena was pregnant with her firstborn when she won the 2017 Australian Open? But would it surprise you if we say that Serena wasn’t Olympia’s first tennis instructor?

Back in 2020 when she was just 3, Olympia was signed for her first tennis lesson with a female tennis instructor. Apparently, the instructor had no idea that her newest student was the four-time Olympic gold medalist Serena Williams. Revealing the news as she prepped her daughter in a black-and-white striped outfit and getting a perfect send-off from a dedicated father who baked a cake the same morning, the tennis mom announced, “Guys, I signed Olympia up for tennis lessons. Don’t even start with me, because I’m not giving her tennis lessons.”