News now : NFL Suspend Joe Burrow over disrespectful message to KC chiefs in Cannes after Cincinnati meeting

News now : NFL Suspend Joe Burrow over disrespectful message to KC chiefs in Cannes after Cincinnati meeting


The new NFL season is still months away and even with teams returning for Organized Team Activities (OTAs) during the offseason, their star athletes are continue to fly around the world to the most luxurious destinations.

Travis Kelce has already been to Australia, Las Vegas and now, he finds himself in the south of France meeting one of his friendly rivals, Joe Burrow.


The pair traveled to Cannes for the second Annual Sport Beach Games. The event hosts activities and workshops and people from all over the world come together to socialize and learn new skills.

Burrow posted images to his Instagram account of the Cannes harbor, with the ocean a beautiful turquoise color.

The Cincinnati Bengals quarterback hid the location, but eagle-eyed fans still figured out where he was due to the timing of the event.

According to a fan also at the event, 34-year-old Kelce made an appearance along with his brother, Jason, 36.

Other NFL legends such as Shannon Sharpe and Chad Johnson were also in attendance in France, along with Justin Jefferson and Myles Garrett.

The last time the Kelce brothers and Burrow were together was to film an episode for their podcast ‘New Heights’, which was filmed at the University of Cincinnati.

There, the Bengals QB was invited as a special guest on the show and spoke about his experience with the Bengals, having been drafted as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Travis Kelce has special Joe Burrow nickname

But it wasn’t just sport they discussed. Burrows, 27, even revealed his conspiracy theory regarding aliens, with his belief that some have disguised themselves as humans – similar to the film ‘Men in Black’.

There was also a debate about the passer’s ability to date women. Burrow is one of the most sought-after players in terms of attracting the opposite sex, leading his team-mate Orlando Brown Jr. to brand him the ‘spiciest White boy in NFL’.

Travis made it clear he wouldn’t argue with Brown Jr, admitting it was “Joey B” and there was “no contest”: “I didn’t even argue with it. I’m just like ‘yeah’. I don’t know who came up with this dumba** question. Everyone knows it was Joey Sheisty.”