My era was Earth, Wind and Fire…’: Travis Kelce’s mom Donna admits she wasn’t Taylor Swift’s fan before; Find out her favorite song from the singer

My era was Earth, Wind and Fire...': Travis Kelce's mom Donna admits she wasn't Taylor Swift's fan before; Find out her favorite song from the singer


Donna Kelce, mother of NFL sensation Travis Kelce, has just spilled the beans on her musical tastes and her intriguing encounters with none other than the pop icon Taylor Swift.


In an exclusive chat with PEOPLE, Travis Kelce’s mom dropped a bombshell by confessing that she wasn’t exactly a Swiftie until rumors began bombarding about her son’s alleged romance with the 12-time Grammy Award-winning sensation. Prior to that, her musical world revolved around legends like Earth, Wind and Fire and the mesmerizing Chaka Khan.

What did Travis Kelce’s mom reveal about her music taste, and what is her favorite song from Taylor Swift?


In a recent interview with PEOPLE, when Donna was questioned about whether she identifies as a “swiftie,” she responded, “I would say not,” She went on to emphasize that her musical preferences are distinct from Taylor Swift’s genre, but she does recognize talent when she encounters it. She admitted, “My era was Earth, Wind and Fire, Chaka Khan, things like that. That’s more my music.

According to reports, even though Donna’s musical tastes differ from Taylor Swift’s, she did reveal a favorite Taylor Swift song during an appearance on the Got It From My Momma podcast. When asked about her favorite Swift track, she said, “I think probably ‘Shake It Off.'” She went on to explain that they’ve been hearing that song quite frequently, playfully attributing it to dealing with “haters.”

What did Travis Kelce’s mom reveal about her interactions with Taylor Swift?
According to PEOPLE’s report, Donna has been having more frequent interactions with the Cruel Summer singer lately as she supports her son, Travis, at his football games. Most recently, they were spotted together at MetLife Stadium during a Chiefs vs. New York Jets game, where they were joined by A-list group of Taylor Swift’s friends, including Sophie Turner, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and others.

When asked about the glamorous experience, Donna revealed,”I think with anybody, everyone is fans of certain people, I think right now I’m just in an alternate universe and I’m just allowed to be in it. That’s all I can tell you.”